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Feb 22, 2016 7:37 AM ET

Archived: SBS Resources, Inc. – “A Gold Mine in a Box”: The first mining company in history offering a franchise in the mining industry

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 22, 2016

SBS Resources, Inc.

SBS Resources, Inc. Logo

SBS Resources, Inc. has created a division, Gold2Go, Inc. that will be the first mining company in history offering a franchise in the mining industry. “A Gold Mine in a Box.” What makes our offer attractive to potential franchisees is that each ton of our ore contains 6.9 ounces of gold, 7.2 oz. of silver, 5.1 oz. of platinum, 4.8 oz. of palladium, 7.6 oz. of rhodium, 5.5 oz. of osmium, 3.7 oz. of ruthenium and a spectacular and meaningful 15.4 oz. of iridium. This concentration of iridium means that our ore came to earth via a meteorite. There are no naturally occurring concentrations this high in the earth’s crust. The total value of each ton of our ore at September 2014 prices is $40,575. We will be selling our ore to our franchises at a 50% discount, assuring them of a profit per ton of $20,287.

Our meteorite ore is, by far, richer in minerals than any other mined ore in the world.

Gold2Go will be giving an interest free loan to all of our franchises to cover the costs of their start up operation. Repayment to Gold2Go will be out of profits. Although we will make the greatest amount of revenues by selling our ore to our franchises, we will also process our own ore.

Products / Services

Gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, osmium, iridium, rhumenium, palladium

We will be mining these metals. When we commence operations, our mining operation will become the leading producer in the world of rhodium and iridium. Currently, the total worldwide annual production of new iridium is three tons. With close to a pound of iridium in each ton of our ore, we will surpass that 3 pounds annual production in a matter of a few weeks, easily.



President Executive Officer
Allan Sanford

Sanford has 40 years of experience in business. He has created and built his own businesses, such as the present one, as well as VenTech, Inc., the first vending machine that sold pre paid cell phones out of vending machines that buyers paid for by credit card over an internet connection at the machine. Executive vice president of Paul McCartney’s US company, MPL Communications, Inc., New York. 11 years with Morgan Stanley Investment Bank, New York. Managing Director of the British and European Division of one of the largest music publishers in the world. London, England. Owner of a Graphic Design/Advertising Agency, New York. Others.


Contact Information:

President Executive Officer
Allan Sanford

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