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Feb 21, 2016 10:20 AM ET

Archived: A unique project of eco-supermarket that will make people healthier and happier!

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 21, 2016

Dear Friends! You can help. Even $10 is priceless!

We are the family of doctors from Ukraine.

We love each other, people and life in all its manifestations.

And we really want our life and the lives of all people to be long and happy!

But happiness is impossible without health!

We are doctors, so we firsthand know the tragic consequences on our health of poor-quality foods, which are full of various harmful additives:

– digestive system diseases

– metabolic disorders

– diabetes mellitus

– atherosclerosis

– allergies

– carcinogenic effects

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
– said Hippocrates

This is why our DREAM is to open the first real ECO-SUPERMARKET in Ukraine which will help many people to become healthier and happier! Moreover in our future eco-supermarket we want to implement some social and medical projects, connecting together preventive medicine and charity.

Medical projects

– Dietary counseling of health nutrition and weight control.

– Early detection of diabetes mellitus and hypertension (free analysis of blood glucose and blood pressure).

Social projects

– Special discount for the disabled, the elderly and the mothers of several children, because they are poverty-stricken inourcountry.

– Special low prices for the most important products for health.

We have also developed an original marketing model and motivational programs for regular customers aimed at improving the health and promoting healthy lifestyle. All this will help us to make a lot of people the supporters of a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle!

We believe that our unique format of eco-supermarket, will mark the beginning of a future worldwide trend, and will make a revolution in the strengthening of health of people all over the world!

Why we can do it
Our little eco-shop “Karrmushka”, opened in November 2014 was very successful and popular among the residents of the city.

Unfortunately, our salaries of doctors in Ukraine are only $150 per month. Therefore, we really need your help to bring our dream to life. We really believe that together with you we can do all things, and that people’s kindness has no geographic boundaries! After a year of work of our future eco-supermarket, we will be able to share our marketing scheme with our backers and present a business plan for opening such a useful and eco-friendly businesses in your country.

Our passion and knowledge in the field of nutrition and health, along with our enthusiasm, multiplied by your investments will allow many people to become happier!

We will be very grateful for any help, because even the ocean is composed of drops.

Also you can choose the “perks” – this is the original national handmade dresses, shirts and accessories made from natural materials and hand-embroidered. This is something that will always be fashionable and pleasant to wear. Perks table will be ready soon!

If you cannot help financially, please tell your friends about our project, share this link on social networks, use the Indiegogo shearing tools.

Thank you for your attention to our Dream. Now it only depends on you, whether it becomes beautiful reality!

Sincerely yours, Tanya and Anton.

Contact Information:

Anton Voitenko

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