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Feb 20, 2016 3:12 PM ET

Archived: Trade Show or Bust. Brand Launch! Letrek Jewelry

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 20, 2016
 Letrek Jewelry – Tradeshow Brand Launch



I began handcrafting jewelry in 2010.  It was out of my love for fashion, gemstones, their meaning, years of rock hounding and collecting rocks that propelled me to start my business.  Letrek, my brand, is a play on words, it is my last name spelled backwards, and it also means the journey. The journey is to inspire, teach, heal, discover, travel, love, shop, create.  Letrek is handcrafted one of a kind jewelry using precious metals, precious and semi-precious gemstones.  My pieces are meant to be layered, interchanged, worn in unconventional ways (necklaces as belts, bracelets or anklets) Letrek Jewelry is meant to be played with, adding different stones according to trends and wearer, whether for fashion or gemstone meaning. I bring that one on one attention so the wearer knows they and their jewelry are special and unique.  I believe everyone should be able to have custom handcrafted pieces that are as individual as themselves, even small changes like a stone that is meaningful to the wearer. Letrek encompasses our everyday strides in life, moving it forward in our ever changing self and the world.


I am a one woman show; every dollar sold is put back into my business for tools, website, materials and supplies all while I maintained a demanding full time job. My goal from this inception is to pursue this dream full time, to create a brand of hand crafted jewelry that makes the wearer feel special.  I strive to one day be in the positions where I can give back to what is important me (animal conservation).


I am the type of the person who looks at the big picture. Go big or go home.  When I am not creating I am entering submissions, contests and using social media to get my brand noticed.  At times I feel I do this more than I sit at my work bench crafting.  This brings me to the reason I am asking for your help. Yes I said help, something that I am not comfortable doing.


For many years I have been attending as a non-exhibitor designer at the largest jewelry industry show in North America, JCK Las Vegas.  I attend each year to purchase supplies, network, and attend conferences to sharpen the skills needed to take my business and designs to the next level. JCK Las Vegas is a designer’s and jewelry industry’s dream.  If you are not familiar, JCK Las Vegas is a show in which designers and other jewelry related business’s via for the 400 plus fashion editors and 600 plus department store buyers for a spot in their stores around the world or mentions in their publications. Attending the five day event each year renews my energy and passion; it is something I look forward to all year. This year I committed to the task of going up against the best designers in the world to be judged by the top leaders of the jewelry industry and via for a spot on the showroom floor. I spent months on the new designs, sometimes getting only 2 to 3 hours of sleep a night. I went for it. JCK Las Vegas 2016 (June 2nd, 2016) Go big or go home. First judging round was in October 2015.  I submitted my first collection.  Second round for submission was in January 2016, another go. In this round, I almost didn’t submit when my final step in a piece I was soldering got too hot, too fast, too long and I collapsed the entire piece that I spent 16 hours making turning it  into a piece of scrap metal. This rarely happens to me; maybe that piece wasn’t intended to be judged. I pushed on and submitted January 2016. One week later, I got the call. They liked my pieces, their decision and comment: My collection is on point, on trend and they loved my brand and what I am trying to do. They want me in their new neighborhood section on the showroom floor, as a designer/ brand exhibitor! This is it! This is a life changer! This is my chance to show my collection to buyers and fashion Editors from around the world.  This is my opportunity to get my brand out there. It is my opportunity to get my brand recognized in one of the top Jewelry Industry conventions in the world.  By being able to exhibit in their new neighborhood conceptsit will mean more coverage of the area in general, which equals more buyer traffic and more opportunities to get my brand and jewelry noticed. My dream realized.

his cost will cover the following: booth space, walls for booth, rental fixtures, furniture and lighting, signage, insurance, marketing material, business cards, wholesale price sheets, brochures, banners, giveaways, professional photos, set up and strike crew.This money will not be used for personal spending, i.e. meals or other expenses that are associated with conventions.  I am personally covering all costs associated with jewelry product.


Since starting this business I have been self-sufficient. I do not have investors nor have I taken a loan to start my business. I have only put my own money into Letrek and anything I sell, I put directly back into my business. I am very cost conscious, with a background in accounting, I know how to balance books, budget and run a business’s finances. I am reaching out for backers to take my business to the next level. I am not the person who asks for help let alone ask forfunding so this has been difficult for me to do.  This is a tremendous opportunity and necessary in orderto take this business to the next level. Every bit will help in order to obtain this dream.


Should I reach my goal, I will be sharing through social media and my website, my journey before, during and after JCK. What an interesting story it will be. You will have front row seats in an actual fashion brand launch from the beginning preparations to after the show and the outcome. I will not stop until I have exhausted all opportunities to get me there. I cannot think about not being able to launch my brand in June. It has been a dream for several years; however please know that each dime will go towards this business and the brand.


I have some fabulous perks of handcrafted sterling silver jewelry as a thank you for your participation.

I greatly appreciate your support and ask that you share this campaign with others in order to reach this goal.

Letrek (The Journey) Begins……

Contact Information:

Marcia Kertel

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