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Feb 20, 2016 8:31 AM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Feb 20, 2016

Green Building Innovators are Inspiring! – for 20+ years they’ve been inventing designs, materials and technology that make it easier to build green. The Code Innovations Database empowers innovators, sharing their proven solutions so others can follow their lead. Because of green innovators, it’s now possible to live and work in buildings that are healthier, produce their own energy, and protect our air and water. Yet they face an uphill climb and regulatory barriers that can stop their best ideas from getting to you. Help us help them…

Watch our video, then support our campaign to empower these innovators and help us make their sustainable solutions the norm rather than the exception. The Code Innovations Database proves one thing: WE CAN Make it Easier to Build Green – by documenting and sharing proven solutions. YOU CAN help… By giving generously you’ll help us expand our successful education platform into a national resource for sustainable solutions and regulatory precedents. Reaching our $40,000 goal will launch our 3-year expansion beginning in 2016, to put innovative solutions into the hands of every code official in the Northwest, and builders nationwide. We have a “stretch” goal of $60,000, which will allow us to publish a whole new crop of “Code Innovations for Living Buildings” – special solutions that go beyond sustainable to make truly restorative buildings possible*. Support your Local Innovator! Give a little or alot! Donors to our campaign at any level will be known as people of hope who are helping the EcoBuilders achieve our vision of transforming the built environment for long-term sustainability. You’ll be listed on our campaign page, thanked on our Social Media platforms. Give a gift of Sustainability Anyone can Give $3 – $33 just to show you care … thank you! Give $35, $50, $100 or more and you’ll be giving Innovation a real boost Dig Deep for Sustainable Grandkids! Donors of $150, $300, $500 or more will be publicly recognized at a NW EcoBuilding Guild event in the next year Be a Champion of Innovation Champions who give or raise $1,000 or more will be listed on the Founders Circle Page and be known as the visionary leaders who took bold action to ensure a sustainable future. VIsit our Website for more details such as: Tour of the Code Innovations Databse Champions prospectus 3-year expansion plan How the funds will be used * Stretch goal will be used specifically to fund research and publishing of “code innovations for living buildings” including case studies, advanced codes, and other Database content documenting successful solutions that go beyond just reducing buildings’ impact on the environment, to make a measurable positive impact, demonstrated by pursuit and achievement of Living Building Challenge, Architecture 2030, Net Zero Energy, Passive House and others among the most rigorous green building standards in the world. If you’d rather not use a credit card online, you can always send us a check instead and we’ll log it as an “offline donation” toward the campaign. If you choose that option, please email Chris and let him know so we can publicly acknowledge you!

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