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Feb 19, 2016 8:01 AM ET

Archived: Delta Valley AGR – evolutionizing the Way Agribusinesses and Farmers Interact

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 19, 2016

In 2010 alone, American farmers exported $115 billion worth of agricultural products around the world. In spite of changing times, our country still relies heavily on farmers and always will.

But all farmers suffer from a lack of consolidated information, making it difficult to make informed decisions and ultimately, even more difficult for them to expand their business without expanding their workforce.

That’s where Delta Valley AG comes in.

We are creating an Agricultural Mobile Ecosphere which will combine the three main facets of agriculture — logistics, marketing & crop inputs — all under a single platform.  

Imagine, a world in which grain traders can communicate with dispatchers, dispatchers can communicate with fertilizer salesman, traders can communicate and trade among themselves or with farmers, fertilizer salesmen can make recommendations and quote growers based on an individual farm or ranch — in short, Delta Valley is creating a world in which everyone in the agribusiness industry can share information universally with each other, ensuring all parties get the information they need, when they need it.

At Delta Valley, we’re bringing a static and aging industry into the modern mobile world.


For nearly a century, agribusinesses and farmers have relied on personal relationships and have conducted business directly through either telephone, written correspondence, or in-person communications. Agribusinesses are generally grain elevators, food processors, feed mills, flour mills, and the like.

As our industry changes, we must evolve with it. The entire agribusiness industry needs a better method to find enough qualified personnel to replace the significant amount of employees who will be retiring over the next 5-10 years, in essence, a better way handle more farmers per employee.  

Legacy systems of pencil and paper and spreadsheets won’t cut it anymore. New problems require new solutions.

We understand that farmers don’t have a lot of time to sit in front of a computer, so for wide scale acceptance, these new systems have to be mobile. In the past few years alone, a significant number of agronomy mobile applications have lead farmers to increased profits and better communication.

How does the Delta Valley system take this to the next level?


Delta Valley is bringing agribusiness into the modern world through three key systems:AG Loads, Grain Trader, and Fert Trader are all individual apps and can stand alone, but their true value comes from interconnecting them. Any deal done on Fert Trader or Grain Trader can be facilitated through AG Loads.

Not only can the apps converse among themselves, they also have the option of integrating with third party apps as well. For example, the AG Loads dispatching system could integrate with Google Maps to provide drivers with routing and mapping information. Or the Fert Trader system could integrate with another popular farm/field management system giving farmers a better grasp on how much fertilizer to order.


Agribusinesses also spend a tremendous amount of money to sponsor farmers in various events and actives (i.e. county fairs, hunting clubs, etc). Within the Delta Valley system, agribusinesses can also bid to sponsor customers they are doing business with.


Unlike a traditional freight dispatching operation where a dispatcher might deal with 5 to 10 different truckers over the course of a few days, an agribusiness dispatcher, during harvest/planting season, deals with 5 to as many 30 truck drivers in the course of an hour.

Given this hectic environment, a lot of reliance on the telephone has been necessary, requiring a dispatcher to be tied to a desk or use remote connections that are time consuming and not suited for the high volume nature most agribusinesses encounter.

Dispatchers also spend an enormous amount of time giving farmers information about their loads. With AG Loads, the farmers can see all this information in the palm of their hand once the load has been received and graded.

With AG Loads:

  • Farmers can request a truck and select an elevator all at one time.
  • Dispatchers can see the exact location and time the farmer needs a truck, where it’s going, etc.
  • Farmers can monitor progress and see weights and grades reported from the elevator in real time.
  • About seven different phone calls per truck is cut out (times the amount of trucks a farmer requests per day).
  • All parties save a ton of time.
  • Farmers have way more transparency and are updated in real time.

AG Loads is currently in development and will available for download within the month. This is the base of the entire system. We already have one pre-order customer — will you join us?


Marketing is another process stuck in the stone age. Right now, farmers need to sell of their grain or crop manually by making phone calls, creating a process where you either take the price your grain trader/buyer quotes you or spend hours shopping around (if you even know of other local grain traders to call).


In an ideal world, farmers would be able to analyze their entire field and arrange crops, both by space and type, in a way that delivered the most profit. In a world where most deals are done in person with the guy who happens to live down the street, this isn’t really possible. Until now, that is.

Fert Trader gives agribusiness the opportunity to bid on products they wouldn’t usually be able to bid on, allow farmers to maximize profit and agribusiness to get exposure from bidding non-traditional customers.

To see how you can help bring Grain Trader and Fert Trader to the market quicker, request access to the business plan tab of this profile.

Contact Information:

Delta Valley AG

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