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Feb 18, 2016 1:12 AM ET

Archived: Top Global Universities Attended the E-Leader Singapore

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 18, 2016


The Soho Loft Conferences and Victoria Global supported the E-Leader Singapore, this past January 4-6 in Singapore organized by the Chinese American Scholars Association


NEW YORK – Feb. 17, 2016 — World-class CEOs, educators, professors, local managers, international and local entrepreneurs convened at the Executive Media Theatre in Singapore for this much awaited conference to discuss major global issues.

LDJ Capital Chairman, David Drake, said, “This conference always unites people together from different fields and industries. It gives them an opportunity to expand their network, enhance their skills and learn from one another.”

Dr. Kirpal Singh, Associate Professor of English Literature and Director of Wee Kim Wee Center Singapore Management University, gave the welcoming message which started off the three-day conference. The speakers are experts in their respective fields and some of the topics that were discussed included: “Reducing Smoking Behavior in the Middle East: Effectiveness of Anti-Smoking Message Themes”, “Social Media and Disaster Management”, “Historic Climate Change COP21 Paris 2015: The Results”, “International Communications Management”, “Collaborative Learning as a Teaching Strategy”, “The Increasing Complexity of the Financial Markets: A Look at the Multiplicity of Instruments and Variety of Computer Trading Platforms and Modalities” and “Team Empowerment Program and Self-Transformation”.

Some of the speakers included:

Dr. Christine Merritt, College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Dr. Frank Owarish, CEO/Executive Director, International Institute for Strategic Research and Training, New York, New York, USA
Dr. Huong Ha, Academic Coordinator, University of Newcastle Singapore and University of Newcastle Australia
Dr. Jason Le Grange, The Institute for Upskill and Development, Cape Town, South Africa
Dr. Kim-Choy Chung, American University in Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Mr. Raymond Loh, Principal Lecturer, TMC Academy, Singapore
Ms. Claire Keow, Founder CEO, Smart Trends International, Singapore and Malaysia
Prof. Dr. Patrick Kim Cheng Low, Chartered Marketer and Visiting Professor, The University of South Pacific, Fiji
Prof. Marjorie Williams-Cooper, Singer, Visual Artist and Adjunct Professor, University of Phoenix, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

The participants discussed the topic on social media and disaster management. A corollary topic that maybe be taken up would be the use of drones as delivery systems; for these are possible means of supplying food and other essential items to victims of disasters. Keith Kaplan, LDJ Capital’s Director of Cybersecurity, Drones, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, says “The biggest issue preventing the proliferation of this initiative is not the technical aspect, but the disruption of general aviation on a global scale. There are issues that we have to address in terms of the consistent legislation, air traffic control and the metadata to comply with the legal and insurance concerns. The general businesses and consumers must accept robotics as part of our everyday lives.”

The local host was Singapore Management University. Some of the event sponsors were VSE, AVTech Institute of Technology, The Hong Kong Management Association, Xincon, University of Malaya, TMC Academy, VASE Construction, Gea College, Center for Advanced Studies and Stamford International University.

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