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Feb 17, 2016 8:19 AM ET

Technovia Inc. an IT & Business consulting company providing cost-effective onshore & offshore solutions to businesses across the planet.

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 17, 2016

Technovia Inc.

Technovia Inc. Logo

SurplePlay is a unique & revolutionary patent pending advertisement based gamification platform developed by Technovia Inc., an IT & Business consulting company providing cost-effective onshore & offshore solutions to businesses across the planet.

Technovia Inc. came up with an ingenious idea of attracting people to watch advertisements by incorporating interactive gamification features into a platform with a mission to add real value to the advertisers’ spending.

SurplePlay is an innovative, interactive enterprise advertising platform that combines gamification features & social media integration to drive customer loyalty & increase advertiser’s ROI. It operates in the online advertising industry as a publisher with an ability to provide a Private Ad Network Platform for the advertisers. SurplePlay is a disruptive technology poised to significantly increase user engagement while watching ads leading to higher efficiency of each commercial & increasing the ROI for each ad campaign with improved effectiveness as compared to traditional TV & Digital Media advertising.

In essence, SurplePlay is a uniquely developed game of skills that pays cash prizes for watching video ads & answering questions. A user watches a video commercial & answers multiple-choice questions based on video content. The speed & number of correct answers determine the number of points a user earns. Users compete for daily, weekly & monthly leaderboards & draws respectively, to win real cash prizes (Range: 100s – 100,000s). Users can also win instant cash prizes & referral cash bonuses.

Apart from the standard anti-dilutive provisions for our investors, we have structured a Special Disbursement – Return of Capital (Starting from Month 25) + 1x Liquidity Preference in the event of an exit. Our investors will receive dividends equal to 3.5x of Executive Bonus Pool. Our ultra-conservative financial model projects that Potential Investors will have a opportunity to earn 47x on their initial investment with a lowest EBITDA Multiple of 8x (Industry Std:- 16x to 30x).

Don’t miss out on this lucrative investment opportunity! We invite you to take a look into our demo platform & business plan details. Contact us for more information.

Products / Services

SurplePlay – Advertising Gamified!

Key features of SurplePlay are: –
* Uniquely designed combination of advertisement and gamification
* A Free Game – No Monthly or Yearly recurring charges
* Universal platform – Works on all Operating Systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) , all Web Browsers (IE, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari) & as an App for Smart Mobile Devices including Tablets (Google Play, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Tizen (Samsung – Linux Based System))
* Powerful sharing tools including Phone, Email, SMS, Social Media Integration and QR Codes
* Brain game features – Attention, Cognition and Memory with increased addictive qualities
* Multi-tiered viewer market segmentation with cultural customization preferences
* Built in 40+ International languages (Available in 14 Indian languages, including right-to-left languages, e.g. Urdu)
* Ingeniously designed rewards, achievements and badges applicable to any industry
* State-of-the-Art CMS (customers, sales & activity management, financial analytics & reporting, etc.)



Chief Executive Officer
Sneha Patel

Sneha PatelSneha is an innovative, solutions-driven leader for over 15 years, focused on achieving exceptional results in highly competitive environments that demand continuous improvement. She is a decisive and results-oriented leader with outstanding negotiation and crisis management skills.

Sneha holds a BS degree in Mathematics from UMass and various Networking Certifications from Cisco and HP including a CCIE in both Routing & Switching and VOIP technologies. She is multi-lingual with an ability to conduct business in Indian languages like Hindi and Gujarati.

Chief Financial Officer
Amrish Patel

Amrish PatelAmrish is an exceptional blend of entrepreneurial wisdom, in-depth financial expertise, and innovative thinking with over 17 years of experience in Operations and Finance Management. He is an out-of-the-box thinker, skillful in analyzing, designing, planning and executing the vision & mission of the company.

Amrish holds a BE degree in Instrumentation & Control Engineering and a MS degree in both Information Technology and Finance & Economics. He is fluent in several European and Indian languages with an ability to conduct business in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, French and German.

Chief Technology Officer
Howard Young

Howard YoungHoward has a rare combination of business acumen, in-depth technical knowledge, and hands on experience. With over 30 years in software and technology development; his knowledge and skills are varied and eclectic. His solid project management and leadership skills are demonstrated by a proven track record of delivering projects on time and on budget.

Howard is often referred to as “The Swiss Army Knife” of any project, capable of solving any technical issue while meticulously maintaining focus on the business requirements at hand.

Chief Technology/Technologist
Sergey Kheyfets

Sergey KheyfetsSergey is a quality-focused and solutions-driven professional, with extensive know-ledge in the design, development, and delivery of cost-effective, high-performance technology solutions. He has over 20 years of experience in analyzing and mapping business requirements to create and implement automated business processes.

Sergey is often recognized for having the ability to look at the ‘big picture’ and effectively communicate required process changes. He has an amazing ability to quickly adapt and understand new environments through experience gained working for diverse and dynamic multinational corporations.

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Contact Information:

Chief Executive Officer
Sneha Patel

Chief Financial Officer
Amrish Patel

Chief Technology Officer
Howard Young

Chief Technology/Technologist
Sergey Kheyfets

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