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Feb 17, 2016 10:03 AM ET

Make a CASE! Speech Language & Swallow Eval App Improvement

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 17, 2016

Make a CASE! Speech Language & Swallow Eval App Improvement

The app I created using my own funds and need to improve functionality. The features users want are costly additions.

About this project

The app is called CASE and is helpful for speech pathologists when they evaluate patients who have had stroke, brain injury, Autism, and other developmental or debilitating conditions.  I hope that the app will help therapists perform evaluations and develop goals to patients in underdeveloped countries who have few resources and therapy tests/materials.  

The app is comprehensive in nature and attempts to cover many types of language tasks as well as evaluates swallow function.  The test makes report writing efficient for therapists who have busy caseloads and the report is actually written by the time you complete the test and leave the patient’s bedside! 

I work with a great app developer who is thorough and detailed in his approach and is able to execute the task.  The app has been launched already, but users are asking for features that are costly.  For example: Being able to go back and edit sections of the report, using the back button to return to previous questions, photo enlargement, and language support and translation. My developer describes this tasks as difficult due to the amount of behind the scenes work that is needed to ensure success and minimize bugs and errors. 

Risks and challenges

Once the dollar amount is secured, there really are no risks involved as I already have a team in place. After it is funded, getting the word out about the upgrades will be the hardest part. The iTunes store however alerts users of updates. I plan to use a small amount of money marketing on social media to alert users to the updates as well!

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