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Feb 16, 2016 3:01 PM ET

Archived: Winter Collection: New books and zines by challenging young cartoonists

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 16, 2016

Winter Collection


2dcloud takes chances on work that takes chances. Their optimism is contagious. The world of comics — and the world of culture — can’t afford to be without them. — Bill Kartalopoulos, The Best American Comics Series Editor

2dcloud goes boldly where other comics publishers fear to tread. — Anders Nilsen

2dcloud is proud to announce the Winter Collection, a labor of love years in the making, presenting major new works by emerging and established artists. Gulag Casual presents the last 6 years of Austin English’s comics in an expansive, full color, large format book. ITDN collects all 5 years of Andy Burkholder’s wildly diverse, anonymous, project of the same name. Mirror Mirror #1 features 10 emerging artists in an exhibition—in—print edited by Blaise Larmee. Sec is the latest of Sarah Ferrick’s series of love poems. Altcomics Magazine continues its journey into a second issue.

— ITDN by Andrew Burkholder 
— Gulag Casual by Austin English 
— Mirror Mirror #1 by Nou  Tracy Auch  Andrea Bjürstrom  Leslie Weibeler  Caroline Hennessy  Nicholas Verstraeten  Katherine Poe  Sarah Ferrick  Connor Willumsen  Leon Sadler [ed. Blaise Larmee]

— Sec by Sarah Ferrick 
— Altcomics Magazine #2

— posters 
— proofs 
— original art  

2dcloud commissioned these illustrations from Sarah Ferrick. Her line flows throughout this collection, fully blossoming in her zine(s). A collection of her own is forthcoming winter.

Gulag Casual
Austin English

7 × 10″ 
full color offset
MSRP 24.95$

Austin English’s drawing is gelatinous, daubed, stroked, smeared, erased, redrawn, sculpted, twisted, cringes, flattens out as it squashes inward, maybe reminds one of a landscape and populace for Stravinsky folk songs, or a dream program for tragic Polish puppet plays, crowded, self-replicating and worth checking out. — Gary Panter

A thoughtful artist pushing at the boundaries of what modern comics will accept in terms of an artistic approach. — The Comics Reporter

Gulag Casual, the new collection by acclaimed illustrator and cartoonist Austin English, presents some of the most mature and sustained work yet from a constantly challenging and essential artist. This new suite of short stories collects material from 2010—2015, showcasing the kind of imaginative imagery which firmly establishes English as one of the most innovative cartoonists in practice today.

Mirror Mirror #1 

Tracy Auch — Nou — Andrea Bjürstrom —Leslie Weibeler — Caroline Hennessy — Nicholas Verstraeten — Katherine Poe — Sarah Ferrick — Connor Willumsen — Leon Sadler [edBlaise Larmee]

176 × 250mm
1, 2, & 4 color offset
poster 27.83 × 19.69″ 
MSRP 27.95$

I loved this collection. Spare pieces about identity and interiority. It reads like an auditory experience. — Sam Alden

10 artists. 11 bodies of work. 
2dcloud’s flagship anthology.
Cover by Sarah Ferrick.

Lyrical drawing — Libidinal drawing — Comics — Drawing practice — First person drawing — Third person drawing — Embodied practice — Cartoonist turned poet — Mirror as tampon — Works on paper — Bitmap v Grayscale

Andrew Burkholder

5.5 × 7″ 
b&w offset
poster 7 × 19.5″ 
MSRP 22.95$

One morning at a gig space in Baltimore I watched Andy Burkholder pick up a tube of leftover frosting and use it to casually draw a simple but legible comic strip onto a piece of cardboard. His uninhibited intelligence and direct style create the conditions for breakthrough work. ITDN is the laboratory from which his later achievements have emerged. — Bill Kartalopoulos

A safari through the wilderness of human behavior. — Anna Haifisch

ITDN Group published a series of comics pamphlets from 2010—2014. Each issue was anonymously authored and included the possibility of being created by a different person. The ‘group’ — plural, informal, and rigid — is the only thing cohering the series together. A follow-up to Qviet, this collection documents Burkholder’s earlier years, providing insights into his explorations of the themes and concepts that underpin many of his more broadly received works.

Altcomics Magazine #2 

8.5 × 11″ 
16pp risograph 
1 color interior 
2 color cover 
hand stapled 

The printed companion to our documentary film—in—progress. This second issues features interviews with cover artist Sarah Ferrick (Chicago), Frank Santoro (Pittsburgh), Austin English (New York), & Dylan Williams.

Sarah Ferrick

5.5 × 8.5″ 
full color offset

Sarah Ferrick is doing some of the most intimate and innovative comics out there —Shawn Starr

When sometimes I feel dead inside, Sarah’s comics wake me up. — Erik Nebel

Sarah Ferrick is one of my favorite cartoonists. — G.W. Duncanson

Sarah Ferrick’s output from 2014—2016 has taken the form of love letters. From the carefree Ssong, to the despairing Hey, and now to the blooming flowers of Sec.


Included in all tiers. 
DRM—free PDFs of the complete collection, made with high resolution photos of the printed objects. 


Included in all subsequent tiers. 
The collection in print. Books are offset printed & smythsewn for ideal reading experience.

Includes free posters. 


14.5 × 15 × 5″
art by Sarah Ferrick
100% cotton canvas 
22″ handles
reinforced bottom


100% ringspun cotton
art by Sarah Ferrick



17 proofs from Mirror Mirror. Shipped from Singapore. Each print is unique, double sided, uncut, & offset printed. Identifiable by 7 small clusters of dimples arranged horizontally (damage incurred during initial transit). Available on a first come first serve basis. 27.83 × 19.69″

image does not reflect actual product
image does not reflect actual product

Original Art — Qviet

Andrew Burkholder made his name with Qviet, his debut collection. We’re selling 10 of the originals. Mantras and koans on sex. Look at these pages over & over.

Original Art — New York Story

3 panels are available from Austin English’s most recent work. Mixed media. Works on paper. Must have. Available on a first come first serve basis.

image does not reflect actual product
image does not reflect actual product

Original Art — ITDN

A single copy of ITDN hand colored by Andrew Burkholder. Artist book by one of the greats. One of a kind. 

2 Seasons

Missed out on our last season? Get Fall & Winter together at a discount.

The Fall Collection features Time Capsule by Maggie Umber, The Necrophilic Landscape by Tracy Auch, Summer Carnival by Jake Terrell, and Altcomics Magazine #1.

3 Seasons

Spring, Fall, and Winter. Get all 3 of our collections together at a discount.

The Spring Collection features Qviet by Andy Burkholder, 3 Books by Blaise Larmee, Salz & Pfeffer by Émilie Gleason, and Big Pussy by Gina Wynbrandt.

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