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Feb 16, 2016 8:53 EST

LOOK AT YOU INC: Proven First Mover in eCommerce to Virgin Market (New Parents) coming to the US!

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 16, 2016

[email protected] Inc. is the owner and manager of the [email protected] Group of companies (“The Group”). The Group has developed a cloud based e-commerce platform with particular focus on perhaps the most sought after niche group in social networking and marketingNew Parents.

But we are not just an eCommerce platform – what differentiates us from all others is that we start our connection to our users when they register at one of our member hospitals. They begin their relationship with us in order to access the video streaming of their newborn and to make use of all the related services we offer in making announcements, storing records and sharing the joy of the new member of the family with friends and family.


By way of our well established [email protected] Company vertical, the Group has already become a first of kind operation which successfully identifies, engages and monetize parents, and their friends and family, all of whom are brought together by the birth of a child and become users of the [email protected] Platform.

We facilitate and protect this protocol via long term exclusive contracts with Hospital Groups worldwide.


Amazon is the heavyweight in eCommerce and Facebook & Google dominate the target marketing space, but none have done what we have, which is connect with new parents and get their eyes and attention on our space (www.looktmybaby.com) during one on the most emotive and joyous times of their lives. This we have accomlished, and we’ve done it in seven – soon to be eight countries.

What is is worth to Johnson & Johnson to get their products in front 50,000 new parents EVERY MONTH as they look at live streaming of their newborn baby? This is what we will soon be offering to our retail and insurance partners.

Our users spend minutes on our page, not seconds, and they do so as they look at their babies and explore the services we offer. We are a first and we are going global.


Contact Information:

Michael Brereton

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