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Feb 16, 2016 7:27 AM ET

Archived: Cheap equity crowdfunding campaign advertising

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 16, 2016

Spending money to attract investors certainly looks scary for a startup that’s seeking funds, but those methods are actually cheap, and you can adjust your budget accordingly. By cheap, I mean you can spend less than $500.00 per month and still communicate to your target audience — the investors — efficiently.

You don’t need too many posts to do it. Instead, you need some targeted ones posted to social networks that advertise over and over again. There are some very good content marketing companies out there, but if you outsource it, keep a good eye on the message passed, as you are targeting a very critical audience. It’s your name that’s at stake.

Of course, you can do it organically, but we are in 2016, and nowadays, ad networks have evolved and consolidated, so organic reach is lower and more difficult than before (for example, Facebook reduced the exposure of organic posts on pages dramatically in the last few years, and Google made changes that made SEO more difficult by making link-building more risky). Keep that in mind if you have a low budget, and be aware that you have to work more.

In order to be successful, you must ask your friends and family to like and share every Facebook post you make. You also have to engage in communities and pages open for outsiders in order to have your pitch more widely known.

To promote your site, you must contact site owners related to your area, let them know about your company, and ask them to write about you or allow you to guest post. Remember, you also have to produce top-notch content in order to outrank your competitors. That’s a work for the long haul with uncertain results, so consider the pros and cons of this approach. You can do it organically, but you have much more control on demographics if you advertise what you are doing.

One key aspect of organic outreach that you cannot ignore is media coverage. Usually, there is a cost involved when you send your press release to a PR company, but yours truly, iCrowdNewsWire, can do it cheaper than most competitors. Plus, it is targeted to potential investors and already makes use of established social media companies, allowing you to leverage the right audience, those prone to spread your word or invest in your new venture.

This article is part of a series of practical steps that you can take to be successful in equity crowdfunding. Keep reading our equity crowdfunding mindset series for more.

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