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Feb 15, 2016 2:24 PM ET

Archived: AFRICA MAASAI CELEBRATION!: raise funds for the largest Maasai community in Africa

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 15, 2016

Help us raise funds for the largest Maasai community in Africa! It’s time this ancestral tribe has the basic human needs many take for granted: clean water, health, education & food malaria nets, school books… I’m going back to make sure to sure & get the work done! I will personally implement each project at the Maasai headquarters where I will be living this coming April & May. I am funding all my travel, food, accommodations & personal expenses. So rest assured of NO OVERHEAD OR MIDDLE MAN. I will live in the Maasai huts, teach at the school, personally make every purchase & ensure the correct use of your funds in every one of the projects we implement. I will be your hands on the ground. There is no overhead or middle man. There will be no handouts. The Maasai Morans will have to provide all labor.

Money goes a long way in this remote part of the world where kids need to often work in the corn fields to earn $1 a day to pay for school. $3 buys a pair of shoes. Every single dollar will have a huge impact. The goal is to implement a self-sustained mentality in the homes of the Maasai leadership so that the leaders can further implement in the rest of the population. The reach is huge as our Chief overseas approx. 400,000 of the estimated 800,000 Maasai in Africa.

Nemeyan, the blessed one, was the name given to me  almost 3 years ago, after I left Miami’s corporate real estate world to volunteer in a small town off the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya, a place not visited by UN food trucks nor tourists. Everyday we walked hours from village to village to remove jiggers from the feet of shoeless Maasai children. Destiny led me to a weekend seminar spearheaded by the newly elected Maasai Moran Chief  who had been elected amongst 4,000 Maasai Moran warriors. Everyone left after that weekend except for myself, the Costa Rican with Indian, Black & Spanish blood whom they ironically called “Mzungu” or European. Elephants, lions & other wildlife in the newly built “Manyatta” made it too dangerous for the little ones to go to school. They roamed all day while the girls & mothers walked long distances to fetch the dirty water, worked in the tomato fields & cooked for the children & Maasai warriors. When the Maasai Chief mentioned his desire to start a school for kids that would embrace the often neglected girls, with help from friends, I started a school under a tree for 100 kids. We also fumigated the bed bug infested huts, bought first aid kits, acquired seeds to start a corn plantation, shoes for the kids & construction materials for the then non-existent toilets.

The school now has walls, serves 200 kids & is a female genital mutilation rescue center for girls. There is need for more walls, desks, books & supplies. There is no reliable source of clean water nor a sustainable food source. Drilling a well is astronomical in price so we are looking at a 4km pipeline to the closest water line. Malaria nets are a must to prevent further deaths. Thyroid & cholera are everywhere. The huts need to be fumigated. Kids need shoes. First aid kits need to be refurbished. Fires to cook are done inside the cow dung/mud huts which have no ventilation. Eco-stoves would be great to minimize health issues resulting from the smoke. Flashlights would brighten up the black pitch nights with no electricity & allow kids to study. Two toilets are not enough. The basic needs are endless.  It’s now time to return to my tribe & continue the work we started.

Thank you for celebrating the positive difference we will together make in the lives of this unique ancestral Maasai community, so deserving of the basic human rights we so often take for granted.

So grateful you are part of this journey!

As a thank you for your generosity, please join us in the celebration taking place before my departure on Sunday 3/13 from 3 to 6pm at my home in Coconut Grove, Miami.  Kindly RSVP to add you at no cost to the guest list. For event details visit. www.africamaasai.eventbrite.com

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