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Feb 14, 2016 12:00 PM ET

Archived: Love4Life: Help someone with disabilities find love!

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 14, 2016
Help someone with disabilities find love!

Without meaningful relationships life is bleak and lonely, yet, for many, finding love is an impossible dream. The harsh reality is that people with learning disabilities often end up isolated because they face abuse and harm when going out or using online dating services. We’re setting up Love4Life to help people with disabilities find love, lifelong relationships, and end their loneliness. We urgently need your help to keep people safe when they are looking for love. Help us to run the project for a year.

How your gift will help end loneliness

Through our Love4Life project people with disabilities will have access to educational workshops, social events, chaperoned dates, and one-to-one help, all in a safe environment. They’ll learn that just because they’ve met someone three times they’re not necessarily their friend. We help them  listen to their instincts and develop the confidence to walk away from abusive situations.

Every parent wants to know their child is safe with the person they’re in a relationship with, this is our mission. Once a member joins Love4Life their world will open up with new activities to look forward to such as theatre, games nights, karaoke, murder mystery dinners, quiz nights, movie nights, Indian buffet nights, sports matches, bowling, cinema, or simply meeting in a local pub or restaurant with a few friends. We also provide a matching service and a safe closed Facebook page.

Parents and carers will enjoy respite and reassurance that their son or daughter is safe, whilst witnessing their growing independence and confidence. This is even more important for older parents who fear leaving their children without friends or emotional support when they’re no longer around to look out for them. This was the number one issue cited in our recent report into the fears of families with people with learning disabilities, “Who will care after I’ve gone?”

What your gift will provide

  • £37 will pay for a one-to-one session to combat abuse, and help someone spot mate crime.
  • £64 will pay for two to enjoy a chaperoned first date together.
  • £168 will pay for 20 people to enjoy a film night in a safe place, popcorn and hotdogs included!
  • £224 will pay for four people to attend a four-week course, teaching them how to stay safe online.
  • £318 will pay for a four-week course to train five new volunteers.
  • £489 will pay to coordinate the project for a week.

We urgently need your gift now!

With your support we can help people with learning disabilities find their Johnny Depp or their Jennifer Lawrence. Help someone find love, learn how to develop safe friendships, go on dates, and have fun in the evenings and weekends. We are fundraising to support people to enjoy lifelong relationships, because we believe that #EveryoneNeedsLove. We hope you agree.

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