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Feb 11, 2016 11:20 AM ET

Archived: Social entrepreneurship transforming waste materials in the coffee industry into high-demand apparel and home decor products.

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 11, 2016

Your love of coffee + the world’s great need to alleviate poverty = a transformative business opportunity.

Coffee has become far more than just the #1 consumed beverage in the world, it’s actually become a culture of its own.  A culture that begins in Countries where coffee is cultivated and exported, leaving behind resources that most coffee drinkers aren’t even aware of.  Our burlap products and coffee wood products are just a few examples of this.  Millions of burlap sacks a year that were intended to haul coffee, end up being disposed of and/or burned after rotting in storage facilities beyond their useful shelf life.  Similarly, a coffee tree must be pruned nearly to it’s roots every few years in order to maintain it’s bush-like form.  The wood that is pruned from these trees is often just burned as firewood.  We have found a way to turn this waste from coffee farming into valuable, high-demand products via upcycling, and with your help we can expand the coffee culture into new realms of creativity…and transform lives along the way.


The city of Masatepe, Nicaragua, exists in the 2nd poorest Country in the Western Hemisphere and has it’s unfair share of challenges as a community.  But on the flip side, it also has some tremendous resources. In 2012, my wife and I moved into the city-center of Masatepe in order to integrate ourselves into a community that we saw as having tremendous potential for growth and transformation.  We decided that instead of focusing on global statistics and problems, we would to take an entrepreneurial approach and focus on the opportunities.  Opportunities that involve utilizing local resources, like coffee, and local talent, like our friend Don Beto, in order to create enterprises that bring value to the marketplace, that bring jobs to the community, and more importantly that bring dignity to the talented people who make it all possible. Enterprises that exist not to simply benefit their shareholders, but rather with a core purpose of transforming the community around them.  In 2013, Beto’s Coffee Co. was launched to do just this.

Join us on Kickstarter to take this project to the next level. http://kck.st/1JXTfJu

Contact Information:

Brandon Weidman
Founder - Beto's Coffee Co.

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