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Feb 11, 2016 2:17 EST

Doc-Quick: A new marketplace to help patients find same day doctor appointments

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 11, 2016


Doc-Quick is designed to help doctors, and imaging centers, recover, or even exceed, some of the approximate $400 Million lost each year nationwide due to cancel, and no-show appointments. These cancel/no-shows represent revenue that can never be recovered, since the time period goes unfilled. Doc-Quick helps Doctors fill those same day cancels/no-shows by providing a ready list of leads, generated in real time, where patients are asking for a same day appointment for a specific medical specialty through our Doc-Quick website. 




While the original failed appointment was probably for an existing patient, the Doc-Quick patient is, most likely, a new patient for the practice, which carries a much higher revenue opportunity for the practice. Doc-Quick brings Patients and Doctors together über fast!


  • Over $40 Billion in lost revenue every year, from Cancel/No Shows (US)
  • Initial Pilot in South Florida, about $50 Million a year opportunity
  • Compelling ROI for Doctors and Imaging Centers 


Doc-Quick creates a new marketplace to help patients find same day doctor appointments, while helping doctors/imaging centers recover some of the $50Billion lost annually to cancellations and no shows


Doc-Quick incorporated in the state of Florida 

MAY, 2015

Doc-Quick patient app available on iTunes and Google Play 

JULY, 2015

Doc-Quick Doctor Portal goes into Beta testing 

AUGUST, 2015

Survey Monkey results of 100 typical millennials confirms that the most important attribute when needing to see a doctor is “How quickly”. 

JUNE, 2015


Validating the benefit to doctors/imaging centers is easy and quick. There is documented data that shows that the dollar costs to this group is as high as $400 Million a year nationwide. On average, doctors see a no show/cancel rate of between 15% and 25%.

Validating the benefit to the patients means defining which patients find a high benefit in same day appointments rather than waiting for weeks for the next available appointment on the calendar. What we found is that millennials do not use the health care system the way that are senior population does. What we see through research and some small survey sampling is that millennials put a high value on time and less of a value on doctor research or peer recommendations. They are our prime audience, although, in talking with baby boomers, while they put a higher value on peer recommendations, their preference on imaging and tests are time.

Contact Information:

Brian Garr

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