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Feb 10, 2016 8:52 AM ET

Archived: Starbright Acres Family Farm: We produce ecologically sustainable, chemical free vegetables, plants and animal products

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 10, 2016
Personal Story

Ken & Aleta met at Humboldt State University in a dance choreography class. After they both graduated with degrees in Theatre & Dance, they married and moved to Seattle. They will be celebrating their 19th Wedding Anniversary this June. In Seattle they found lucrative careers in property management and bus driving. Although happy and successful for 13 years in Seattle, Aleta longed to be closer to family so they decided to move back to Aleta’s home town of Grass Valley CA to pursue another passion they shared: Farming! So in 2010 Ken, Aleta and their two kids (Sam and Xea) moved and started an urban farm on 3.2 acres. Aleta and Ken are both very involved in the community, actively participating in school activities, serving on boards for the Growers’ Market and Nevada County Grown, working with local organizations such as Sierra Harvest and hosting farm field trips.

Business Description

Starbright Acres currently sells more than 50% of their produce directly to consumers thru farmers markets and out of the farm store. And 90% is sold within 10 miles of the farm. Retail buyers include Briar Patch Community Coop, The Tahoe Food Hub, Local Restaurants and Stores.

Mission Statement
Starbright Acres Family Farm produces and supports production of nutritious, delicious, planet friendly food for our local community and family. Our business markets directly to consumers, maximizing its profits to provide the farmers a viable income.

Vision Statement
We produce ecologically sustainable, chemical free vegetables, plants and animal products.

Support of our local food network includes hosting field trips, involvement with local schools & agricultural programs, selling vegetable starts and sharing farming knowledge with community members.

We value the health of our family, community, and planet.

Nutritious, delicious, planet friendly food – Eat right at Starbright!

What is the purpose of this loan?

Expansion to a new field requires tree removal ($300 mostly done by us), stump grinding($700), fencing($5000), shaping new beds (we will do) and adding organic compost ($2000).
Purchase of Flail Mower attachment and Bigger Wheels for our BCS walk behind tractor will enable us to incorporate cover cropping and better efficiency in cultivating, tilling and shaping beds. ($2300)
Organic Certification ($1400)
We expect this year, with these and other improvements to increase our Gross Revenue by 33%.

Contact Information:

Aleta & Ken

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