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Feb 10, 2016 11:50 AM ET

Archived: Beviamo Heights – The Urban Winery

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 10, 2016
The Urban Winery

The main idea behind this concept is community.  When most people think of a winery, images of a large operation pumping out serious quantities of wine destined for restaurants and retail stores.  We want to emphasize a local context and a place that can be identified with on a personal level.  While we will carry other domestic and imported wines, we will present offerings that will be exclusive to our four walls.  As you will see in our rewards, you will even be given the opportunity to put your personal stamp on our offerings. In our tasting room you will be able to try our creations, and put them into a national or global context next to our other offerings.  We will start by creating wine in small batches in order to get feedback and adjust to find the taste profiles that will become uniquely Houston.To promote the sense of community further, we will hold weekly wines samplings, offer a space for you to host a small gathering, private labeling, and local wine clubs.  You will shop, taste, hang out, make new friends, or just stand around and talk about the philosophies of wine. We will also take advantage of our location to promote and showcase local artists and artisans.

Making It Work

Our team is small and tight knit, consisting of a seasoned veteran in the wine business, a business/accounting pro, and hospitality oriented sales people.  In addition to our team we are fortunate to be counseled by an existing wine company, Beviamo International. Through them we have a solid supply chain for our international products, and through them we have been introduced to contacts in Texas wine production.  
The license we are seeking allows many revenue streams which we plan to explore. 
We are flexible and accommodating in the way we do business, so we are open to doing what is needed and helpful as long as the quality does not suffer. 
How Will The Funds Be Used?

We will be using the funds to go toward the physical space and equipment.  This will cover the build out of event space, design, production equipment (blending tanks, bottling equipment, labeling machine, and oak barrels), and convert a portion of the space into a temperature controlled wine production/storage area. 

Contact Information:

Nicholas Cain
Gilbert Landras

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