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Feb 10, 2016 4:00 PM ET

Archived: Animatronic Gorilla for indie films: Meet Simian the gorilla

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 10, 2016

Animatronic Gorilla for indie films

by Alex Eakle



Animatronics have helped bring to life some of the greatest characters and creatures that have ever appeared on the big screen. These characters have ranged from the impressive T. Rex in Jurassic Park, to a killer robot in The Terminator, and the giant shark from Jaws.

Animatronics are a great way to add another level of life and realism to your film, but for the most part animatronics have been out of the reach for indie filmmakers. 

Today we introduce Simian the gorilla. Simian is a professional grade Gorilla Costume that will come with a fully controllable animatronic head.

Simian has been created for film enthusiast working on their own indie films. This animatronic gorilla is meant to help give your film an added layer of realism and is also a opportunity to gain experience with animatronics.

Our goal Simian is based off an already existing gorilla costume made by alnico costumes. Our goal is to take this gorilla suit and bring it to life by giving it a new more realistic animatronic head that will allow the wearer to manipulate facial expressions on the gorilla. We need to raise some money so that we can have a new head sculpted and then made to fit our animatronic substructure. We will also use the money to work on an animatronic arm extension which will allow the wearer to open and close the gorilla hands. With your help we hope to be able to raise the necessary money to help bring this animatronic gorilla to life and make it available for rent for indie and professional films alike. 

Scroll on down for more details… 

Animatronic head

The animations for the head will be controlled by ether a two way radio or our smart phone app.  The main areas of animation will be the mouth, lips, eyes, cheeks and forehead.  The gorilla head will also have an on board FPV video goggles to help the wearer see out of the costume.

NFT Fur suit

For the fur suit we used fabric obtained from NFT (National Fiber Technology). NFT fur has been used by the movie industry to create characters like the Grinch, King Kong and Chewbacca. It uses Synthetic and natural fibers which makes it realistic but also very durable. 

Extendable Arms

The arms have been made to extend so that the actor can use them to walk on his knuckles just like a real gorilla. We also plan on adding animatronic into the arm extension which will allow the wearer to open and close the gorilla hands.

Soft Muscle structure

With the muscle suit you are able to transform the body structure of your actor into the body of a gorilla without limiting the range of motion for your actor.


The animatronic are controlled by two radio controllers. But we have also created an app that can be used by your smart phone to control some of the basic facial actions of the gorillas head.

Affordable Renting

One of the main goal of our project is to make our animatronic suit affordable for indie filmmakers on a tight budget.  Our Gorilla suit has a couple of renting packages that start around $50 dollars.

If you would like to use the suit for a longer periods of time, or if you want to use the suit for an awesome action scenes we have other rental packages that you may purchase.

Also depending on location of your project there may be a shipping fee. The fee will only be to ship the suit to and from your location. It will not be used for profit. 

What is needed: 

We need to raise $4233.00 to be able to bring our animatronic gorilla to life. Every dollar that is raised helps us get closer to reaching our goal. If any additional funding are received we will work on making more gorilla costumes so that we can rent our suit to more people for a more affordable price. 

Gorilla Shoes:

Gorilla Arm extensions: 

Contribute Now For Rewards!


Contact Information:

Alex Eakle

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