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Feb 9, 2016 3:13 PM ET

Archived: Equipping Private Landowners in Nature Conservation

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 9, 2016



A few years ago I came across the statement that conserving species on privately owned land may be the most important task facing conservationists. I was engaged in species based research then and this quickly struck a chord with me. The first seeds of Rate My Land were planted that day. Rate My Land grew and became a reality in 2015 when I officially launched the website – www.RateMyLand.com. It is providing me with an outlet and opportunity to make a positive impact on species conservation. I’m extremely excited to take Rate My Land (RML) to the next step, which involves adding a new feature and equipping RML to reach a wider audience.

Knowing the distribution and status of plant and animal species is the first step towards conserving them. Plants and animals don’t see borders and depend on private lands as much or more than public lands, which means private landowners can be vital contributors to conserving biological diversity. Rate My Land is a budding online social media network of landowners engaged in discovering the biodiversity on their land. In its early stages, Rate My Land needs to expand to provide opportunities that reach wider audiences. To do this Rate My Land will incorporate an open source tool powered by iNaturalist.org that will enable any landowner to generate a biodiversity score and open the door for them to participate in the Rate My Land community.


A consulting programmer provided Rate My Land with a quote for incorporating the iNaturalist tool and a unique Rate My Land scoring system into the website. Having this function will bring in many more users to Rate My Land, thereby generating a momentum that will create the capacity for Rate My Land to have a greater influence. Your financial support will allow me to pay a web programmer to add the iNaturalist nature observation tool and a landowner-generated scoring system – I need you to help me make this happen!

The Rate My Land mission is
to encourage private landowners to discover the living creatures (biodiversity) on their property and actively conserve their land by connecting them to biological consultants, providing education on biodiversity and land management, and inspiring and engaging landowners through a social media platform that allows them to interact with other landowners and see how their property “ranks”. 

RocketHub is a “keep what I raise” funding mechanism: if I don’t reach my financial goal I get to keep what I raise. However, I am hoping for 150 advocates each donating $10 to make a statement that private landowners can make a difference in protecting rare species and in keeping common species common.

~Only when we know nature, can we conserve nature–and it’s only then, when will we care to conserve nature~




Project Leaders  
Contact Information:

Derek Shiels
Chris Benda

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