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Feb 8, 2016 10:52 AM ET

Archived: Help Provide Immigrants Access to Legal Services

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 8, 2016


Our mission is to improve the lives of immigrants by providing high quality accessible legal services tailored to the immigrant experience.


We envision a law firm that values its clients, community and employees as much as it values its profits. We strive to assist our clients not only with their immigration matters but in accessing all the rights and benefits that they are entitled to as new Americans.

Who We Are?

Lacroix Ramos is comprised of two young attorneys with a passion for public service, social justice and immigrant rights. Stephanie Lynn Ramos, Esq and Miriam D. Lacroix, Esq. formed this practice to provide services to immigrants who need and deserve compentent legal repesentation. 

Initially, the two attorneys wanted to begin a non-profit law firm to provide these services. However, as they further researched the legal and funding requirements they realized that forming a non-profit organization was not viable because funding for ongoin immigrant legal assistance is extremely limited and the structure of non-profit organizations is too cumbersome. The funding that is availble would limit the types of clients and cases to which the firm could provide services. Additionally, that funding is highly competative and already being utilized by very amazing organization doing great work for the immigrant community. 

Stephanie & Miriam realized that in order to expand the amount of competent accessible legal services to immigrants they would have to start a for-profit law firm. And so, Lacroix Ramos, Attorneys at Law, LLP was created. The firm seeks to be a for-profit with a non-profit spirit of community, justice, advocacy and accessbility.

Why donate?

General Statistics:

  1. One of the most important variables affecting a successful outcome in an immigration case is having representation.

  2. 27 percent of non-detained immigrants do not have counsel by the time their cases are completed

  3. 74 percent of non-detained immigrants with representation have successful outcomes whereas only 13 percent of non-detained immigrants without representation have successful outcomes

  4. People facing deportation in New York Immigration Courts with a lawyer are 500 percent more likely to win their cases as those without representation

This is a one time ask. We are only asking for funds to get up and running. We have worked to build a strong plan of action to remain sustainable while still providing accessible service to immigrants of varying economic ability. 

Immigrants in our current service area need legal represenatatives that are fair, compassionate and competent. Lacroix Ramos is striving to be those representatives. We are building partnerships with local non-profit organizations to provide pro bono and low bono services including cosultations, supervision for accredited representatives and community education events. 

Your donation will help Lacroix Ramos build a strong foundation upon which to launch our practice and help as many people as possible.

What are we going to use the funds for?

Priority Funding Needs 

  1. Office Equipment & Supplies 
    • printer, scanner, shredder, file cabinets, safe
  2. Technology and Communication Services
    • translation and interpretation services; case management software; email and cloud storage; website development
  3. Malpractice Insurance →  will cover one year
  4. Laptop Computers →(so attorneys can be mobile)
  5. Legal Reference Library → (so attorneys can stay up to date!)
    1. Kurzbans & other Immigration reference materials & subscriptions

Additional funds will be used to pay rent for the office and allow us to have a day office in remote locations to expand our service areas.

What else?

We’ll have more PERKS to come! Don’t worry! If you donate before the new perks are up, we’ll still provide you (or the third party non-profit) the appropriate perk for your donation level unless you indicate otherwise!

More information to come including statistics, a list of partner organizations, and updates! Please see our website for more information about us.

Do you still have questions? Please feel free to ask! We would love to hear your thoughts, concerns and comments.

Contact Information:

Lacroix Ramos

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