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Feb 8, 2016 8:53 AM ET

Archived: Boxless – Next-Generation hybrid Cloud Collaboration Platform for Enterprises

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 8, 2016

Boxless is the new cloud storage and sharing service for enterprise organizations.

We provide a hybrid cloud collaboration solution for secured sharing and collaborative contribution to documents, files, presentations and more, all specifically targeted and calibrated for the needs of enterprise-level organizations.  

At Boxless, we make it our mission to think outside the box to bring you a unique solution for a more secure, user-friendly, corporate-focused document collaboration service.


When it comes to running a business, communication and collaboration are crucial components to success. 

Businesses are always looking for better ways to share documents and files freely online and make it easy and efficient for employees access the information they need to do their jobs successfully. 

However, there is a lack of security that comes along with sharing and collaborating important company information through cloud networks and email over countless devices. Today, 88% of company collaboration between employees is performed through email. But email is highly unsecured, difficult to search and not easily auditable for “who participated in what” management requirements.

There are a few consumer-facing storage and collaboration solutions on the market today, like Dropbox and Box.com, which have made their way into the corporate world as well. But they do not focus on secured sharing, search strength or participation tracking, features that are essential in the protecting company information and understanding employee contribution.

Boxless is a new solution for enterprise document storage and collaboration that focuses on providing these necessary services.

With Boxless, security is paramount, which makes ours the perfect solution for enterprises. But we don’t stop at storage and security: Boxless also allows users to see how people and content interact over time. This is a dream come true for management, as it allows them to simply search how many people collaborated on a certain project and who contributed what at what time.

Boxless is the first collaboration and storage service that allows for such unparalleled levels of security, search and audit capabilities.           


Boxless offers users all the features of a conventional doc sharing solution plus much more. Our main focus is creating a service that is secure for the company, easy to use for the employee and easily searchable for management.

Using what we call our “Hybrid Cloud Solution,” Boxless can be deployed in the cloud, on-site through your company’s data center, or both. This option allows management to offload non-sensitive information to the cloud and keep confidential information on the private server. Boxless also guarantees security and ownership of data with no unauthorized reading or spying of information.

The name “Boxless” came from our idea that data doesn’t need to be physically shared across multiple boxes or containers. We believe it should stay in its original location and be made available to those who have access. This is why, with Boxless, you store only once, not twice or more. This makes data unique and allows it to be available to all users without ever having to be duplicated or copied and moved to other boxes. Using this approach, everyone can work on the same original document and see real-time updates and changes. Boxless is also available as an app on tablets and smartphones, enabling collaborative networks to have the same updated information at their fingertips on all devices.

  • Boxless adds a layer of intelligence graphing on top of all docs, data, apps and systems to track individual’s interactions with the information. In doing so, we provide a powerful search and audit capability that provides details on who searched, read, modified or shared information with whom and at what time they did it. This is a great tool for management and project leaders to keep track of activity.


  • Granular security. Integration with Active Directory and others.

  • Activity and traceability of actions

  • Comment on files in collaboration with users

  • Other views

  • and much more …

– Think Outside The Box – 


You can buy Boxless in Microsoft Marketplace AZURE

We also have a partnership with Microsoft, who will resell Boxless as part of their Azure Cloud service (announced on October 27, 2014). http:/azure.com/certified

Boxless is a Certified Partner in BizSpark Plus


The Boxless cloud component is complete and in beta testing by four partners, who are providing invaluable feedback about our features, functionality, design, user specific requirements and more. Our beta test partners include Accenture, HP, The Spanish Olympic Committee and the Spanish Ministry of Industry. 

We are also working with IBM on a Lotus integration of Boxless. We have four patentable Boxless elements including the “unique element,” our query language, our sync algorithm and the “Knowledge Graph”.


Glenn has more than 25 years of technology experience and is a three-time CEO. He has worked at Zend, Pivotal, Blue Titan, Kapow, Information Builders, and Cloud 9 Analytics. He runs general management, sales and marketing for Boxless.

Alfonso has more than 16 years of experience building software companies. He is a serial entrepreneur, having previously started SAYME Wireless Sensor Networks, Lowffer, and Innova Consulting. Alfonso is in charge of product vision and the long term road map for Boxless.

 David has a diverse professional background ranging from creating award winning computer games in the 1990s to building control systems for nuclear power plants in the 2000s. He is responsible for the overall architecture, design and functionality of Boxless.

Alex has 20 years of software experience that spans working in both senior business development and technology groups at startups like itrackr and Polymite and larger enterprises like Chase Bank and Deloitte Consulting. He manages reseller channel development and direct sales for the Americas.



 Joe has over 25 years of experience in executive and CEO roles at both start-ups and established technology companies. He is currently CEO of Visure Solutions and has previously worked at Information Builders, Contenium and Canalsoft.

Enrique brings over 30 years of experience to Boxless. He currently is a senior advisor to the Boston Consulting Group.  Previously, he was director of strategy for emerging markets for Cisco and the director of strategy for the World Bank.




Mauricio Ulargui, Advisor

Mauricio started his career as an entrepreneur, starting and growing his own company in the early 90’s. Later he was at Microsoft where he held several roles related to .NET and Windows in Spain, London and Redmond. Nowadays he lives in Seattle and participates in some large projects.

Jose Fernandez, Advisor

Jose brings 20 years of experience scaling fast-growing business internationally. Currently, he manages Global Sales Development at Google, and has managed User Support and Localization Operations at Google, and Sales Operations at Dell. Jose has a masters in Computer Science from Cornell University, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Contact Information:

Glenn Hasen

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