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Feb 6, 2016 3:40 PM ET

Archived: Lake County Historical Society Museum House – Urgent Roof Repair Needed!

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 6, 2016

the project

The Lake County Historical Society (LCHS) is in the middle of a three-phased construction project to relocate, and then renovate, two 1938 US Forest Ranger residences into a museum and community center.  Phase I which entailed moving the structures from the Baldwin Ranger Station to the Historical Society’s property was completed in early 2015. Work on Phase 2 is underway and when complete in spring of 2016 the first house will be opened as a museum.  Phase 3 plans include the future construction of a small building to link both houses and to renovate the second house into a community center – most likely in late 2016 or 2017. 

It was recently discovered that the roof on the Museum House is leaking, allowing water into the ceiling and walls of the 2nd floor.  Work to re-roof both houses was planned for Phase 3.  But now it is urgent that the roof work be addressed as soon as possible to protect the investment the Society has in the building, the work that has already been completed as part of the renovation and the future storage and exhibition of historical artifacts.  And – if one house is leaking the second one, which has the same aged roof, will most likely not be far behind.  So it is best that they are both re-roofed together.
Both Phase 1 and Phase 2 have been fully funded with past capitol campaigns, and fund raising for Phase 3 will begin later in 2016.  The community has stepped up and to date given over 550 hours of volunteer labor towards the renovation of the Museum House.  This volunteer labor as well as thousands of dollars in donated materials, has reduced the work needed to purchase from professional contractors.  It is imperative that the roof work be completed as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, the money currently raised doesn’t cover the cost of the roofing project, and the work is beyond the capabilities of our volunteers, resulting in the need for this current fundraising effort.    

the steps

The LCHS’s Owner’s Construction Representative wrote a specification and obtained estimates in November for the removal of existing roofing, new architectural roof shingles and the related carpentry work.  Contracts were awarded to Tanner Roofing and John Allen Construction.  Roof work on the Museum House is planned for this fall, ahead of the fundraising effort.  Not typically a good fiscal decision, but a necessary one due to the impact of the roof leak.  
As a past donor in both Phase 1 and 2, DQF Foundation has seen the backing that the community has given LCHS and believes that others will again pledge their support.  It is for this reason that we are moving forward with the roof work on the Museum House.
The re-roofing of the Community House will be completed in spring 2016.
The photos above represent work completed to date.

why we’re doing it

The LCHS is proceeding now with the roofing project to protect the investment the Historical Society has in the building, the work that has already been completed as part of the renovation and the future storage and exhibition of historical artifacts.  It would be fiscally irresponsible to postpone this work.  We, as the community that will benefit from the museum exhibits and research library materials must step forward to protect our heritage for future generations.  

Contact Information:

Lake County Historical Society (LCHS)

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