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Feb 5, 2016 12:46 PM ET

Archived: White Jasmine: The power of food and culture is the common thread in every part of the world

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 5, 2016
Personal Story

Mother, accountant, entrepreneur, published author, cooking instructor, host of ‘White Jasmine Everyday Cooking’ a weekly cooking show which completed its’ eighth season on TVW- Ch 14 in Madison, WI. Huma Siddiqui has lived on four different continents and is intent on keeping Pakistani food traditions alive. In Pakistan, food is so much more than sustenance; it is the foundation of a family.

Huma has a passion for cooking, great food and bringing family and friends together. She is not only the author of this fabulous book, ‘Jasmine in Her Hair-Culture and Cuisine from Pakistan’, but also the President and Founder of White Jasmine. White Jasmine is a web-based business and offers gourmet spices, selection of teas and a mouth-watering, unique line of Gouda cheese flavored with White Jasmine all-natural spices. Please visit www.whitejasmine.com for additional information and recipes.

White Jasmine is based in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin founded in 2003. Siddiqui, and her son and Vice President of Sales Samir Karimi proudly run the family business which represents a unique blend of celebrating family rituals, traditions and customs in life.

Business Description

White Jasmine LLC is owned by a mother-son team, Huma Siddiqui and Samir Karimi. Huma was the original founder in 2003 and uses her culinary knowledge from her journey through four continents to bring a fusion style of flavors from her home land in Pakistan.

“Food is a unique bridge between cultures and tend to carry the traditions through generations. The power of food and culture is the common thread in every part of the world. When recipes are handed down from one generation to another, it is critical to recognize the subtle elements of this process. There is much more to it than a few traditional recipes – memories are shared over the dinner table more often than just food” – Huma Siddiqui.

Based in Madison, WI known for it’s dairy and attention to locally sourced conscientious foods White Jasmine also has a local television show White Jasmine Everyday Cooking.

What is the purpose of this loan?

This loan is critical for us at this time for several reasons:

1. We need to keep a healthy cash flow like any other small business to keep up and grow the distribution in the retail grocery chains which took several years to get where we are now.

2. Our cheese is doing wonderfully well and the best thing we can do for our business is to keep consistent supply of our products, especially our cheese line, because each cheese batch takes 6-7 weeks from start to finish and ready for distribution

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