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Feb 5, 2016 2:48 PM ET

Archived: Tendinha dos Acessorios “the concept store”

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 5, 2016
Tendinha dos Acessorios “the concept store”

For satisfaction and improvement of our products and the concept  of “Tendinha dos Acessorios ” began as an experiment to see if the “feedback” on the creation of customized fashion accessories was positive or not.

The response was higher than expected and Tendinha has been so successful since its founding in September 2012, that in July 2013, decided to open doors and join a related project with a collaborative store in Foz do Douro.
In addition to the accessories created by its founder, the Tendinha decided to travel around the world looking for unique items and therefore has at its disposal some representations linked to fashion accessories, home spa, custom soaps, articles for the bath, candles for indoor and foreign and home fragrances.

In July 2014, after evaluating the success that has been achieved for 1 year, Tendinha decided to leave the cooperative store in Foz do Douro. and open the first space itself.
In October of the same year opened the first store in Gondarém Street 247 – Foz do Douro, expanding its concept and its services.

In addition to the items already on the market, also has at its disposal Clothing (Ready – to – Wear), two international brands who promptly decided to give exclusivity in the north.


My name is Miguel Valente and am in charge of the Marketing Department of “Tendinha of accessories” as well as distributor in Portugal of the English cosmetics brand “Bomb Cosmetics

Before venturing into this adventure with my wife and I worked at Sonaecom ,today call NOS.

As my wife was not able to give vent to the work we met and decided both to join with the project.

They say husband and wife can not work together. For us it was the best thing that happened to us. Working to 1000% in our project and together even better.

The project is underway due to us to support us and tirararmos ideas together.


Thanks for reading and for your support.

Contact Information:

Miguel Valente

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