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Feb 5, 2016 9:18 AM ET

Archived: SecureMyEmail: Make *any* email address safe, secure, and private with end-to-end encryption…for $0.99 a year

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 5, 2016



Make *any* email address safe, secure, and private with end-to-end encryption…for $0.99 a year.



What is SecureMyEmail™?

SecureMyEmail™ is a surprisingly easy way you can upgrade *any* email address to use end-to-end encryption. This means that your emails, as well as all of your attachments, are safe, secure, and private. 

  • Very cool apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android are included.
  • It’s ad-free, includes a free trial, and is only 99 cents a year thereafter.

Why do I need SecureMyEmail™

Simply put, your email needs a security upgrade. Badly.

Email was designed without any real security or privacy in mind. Even though we all use it—because it’s so deliciously easy—it is insanely dangerous and insecure. Some 13-year-old Estonian boy is probably reading yours right now. 

With SecureMyEmail™, only you and your intended recipients can read your email and the attachments. No one…not your email provider (Including Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft), an identity thief, or even us, will ever be able to read your email again.

Without getting too geeky, how does it work?

You’ll basically use SecureMyEmail™ like any other email app.

– Download SecureMyEmail™ onto whatever device(s) you use email on.
– Enter your info and create a secret passphrase that only you know.
– We generate your encryption keys and set up your secure email.
That’s essentially it…
– Then, just invite any contact with whom you wish to exchange encrypted email.
 – When they accept, the encrypted “channel” is created and you’re all done.
 – From then on, you just use your email. Everything else is done for you.

Who are you?

Some may know us from WiTopia, https://www.witopia.net where we launched one of the very first consumer VPN services back in March 2005. Today, we offer private and encrypted internet access to users in every country on Earth. We’ve worked for companies such as UUNET, NTT, AT&T, and Bellcore. We’ve built IP networks and services, especially surrounding security and encryption, for most of our professional lives. 

We had talked about tackling email’s security issues as our next big project for some time. But, when the Snowden revelations emerged in June 2013, we realized that secure email wasn’t just about protecting personal and business communications…it had become a human rights issue to preserve basic privacy and freedom. We got to work!

Why do you need our help?

To do this right has taken an astonishing amount of money and effort. We now realize this is likely why no one ever did it before now. 🙂

The good news is, after over two years of really hard work, runaway spending, and breathtaking quantities of caffeine, we’re almost done and just need your support for the final push!

What will the funds be used for?

  • Finishing up and testing the Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • Deploying production infrastructure in Switzerland
  • Exclusive launch in April 2016 for all early beta access perk holders
  • A free year for the invitees of beta access perk holders, and their invitees, and their invitees…until we switch to a paid model (we’ll keep this rolling as funds allow)

When will perks be fulfilled?

VPN service and T-shirt perks will be filled asap following campaign’s end. SecureMyEmail™ early access accounts will be issued by end of April 2016. 

I’m a techie and crypto-savvy. Can you share some of what’s under the hood?

We built it with PGP at the core, but with a more modern version of the “Web of Trust.” Users can authenticate to social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) within the app to verify their identity to other users. This will not only prevent impostors and potential Man-in-the-Middle attacks but will mitigate Phishing and SPAM.

Instead of taking the shortcut of using browser-based webmail, which can be prone to JavaScript vulnerabilities, and requires the email provider to host users’ private keys, we built native apps for Android and iOS, as well as plugins for Thunderbird and Mac Mail. This assures not only better performance but much greater security.

In a bit of future-proofing, a unique 4096-bit key is created for every user by default. And, you can regenerate these keys whenever you like. Not that you’ll need to. At the risk of being morbid, barring “the Singularity” occurring, we’ll all be long gone before anyone can read your email. In fact, it should take thousands of years to crack a single key. Still, just in case, we’ll be keeping an eye on elliptic curves and other cryptographic advances as they develop.

It’s worth mentioning again that, unlike with other approaches,  your private key never has to leave your device to use SecureMyEmail™. But, if  you do wish to securely set up other devices, you can export your key locally, or use our systems to transfer it via an encrypted tunnel to a secure server in Switzerland (best privacy laws). You can even set your key to be destroyed in 30 minutes if you wish! In any event, your key is always encrypted with your secret passphrase *before* it leaves your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use SecureMyEmail™?

Anyone who wants to be sure their email is safe, secure, and private. Of course, if you’re a lawyer, journalist, businessperson, health care or financial services professional, etc., it’s a necessity.

I can really use Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook.com, my work email, or any valid working email address and SecureMyEmail™ can encrypt my email, including any attachments, end-to-end?


So, even my email provider (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.) can’t read my mail? Not even the scanning of my email to serve me ads?

Correct. Email encrypted with SecureMyEmail™ is end-to-end encrypted. Nobody but you and your secured recipients can read the email or the attachments. 

What about you guys? Can you read my email?

Nope. Your email is secured with a secret password/passphrase that you create and only you know. We never see it and can’t access it. 

How many emails can I encrypt/decrypt for the 99 cents a year?

We have no limit. You just pay 99 cents per email address of yours per year. Send as many encrypted emails as you like to as many contacts as you like. 

Contacts I wish to send encrypted email to must join also, right?

Yes. But we made it super easy to invite people. Plus, after we fulfill all the perks to contributors, and to their invitees, we plan to include a 30 day free trial in the general public release. We want everyone to try it out risk-free, even if the ultimate risk is just 99 cents.

Can I use it on all my devices?

We’ll have apps for Mac, Windows, iOS (iPhone/iPad), and Android. You can send/receive your encrypted email on one device, or all of them. Totally up to you.

Where will SecureMyEmail™ be based? Where will your servers be hosted?

SecureMyEmail™ will be based in Geneva, Switzerland, to offer our customers the best available privacy laws. 

Do I have to use SecureMyEmail™ for all my email or can I continue to use a favorite email client or webmail if I like?

You can use SecureMyEmail™ for all your email or just the email you wish to encrypt, while still using another email client or webmail for general use. You just must use SecureMyEmail™ to read your encrypted email.

Can businesses use SecureMyEmail™ too?

Yes.  Although we will be developing a business version that will provide organizations a dashboard to perform key and user management, Outlook integration, etc.,  SecureMyEmail™ fully supports any email address, including company domains.

I’m an old-school PGP user from way back. Is SecureMyEmail™ compatible?

Yes. You may even import your current PGP key into SecureMyEmail™ if you wish. We also provide methods to enable SecureMyEmail™ users to accept external PGP keys from their contacts if they so desire. 

This all sounds great, but is it easy? 

Yes. Very. If you’re using email currently, have no fear. 

How do I contact you?

You can contact us through Indiegogo, Facebook, or Twitter for a public question or feel free to email us at info@securemyemail.com for general questions, orperks@securemyemail.com for questions about perks.

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