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Feb 5, 2016 8:51 AM ET

Archived: Nigel the Navigator Video Series: At Safebox Entertainment, we’ve crafted the Nigel the Navigator™ program to close up a huge gap in US social studies education

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 5, 2016

At Safebox Entertainment, we’ve crafted the Nigel the Navigator™ program to close up a huge gap in US social studies education.  We designed this 3D digitally-animated video and book series to engage today’s tech-savvy kid – teaching them history, culture, and geography in a way that appeals to them.  Our video trailer and first book are complete, and a PBS partnership is nearly locked up.  All Nigel needs is some fellow adventurers!


Sit back and get ready for some flip-flopping…it’s that time of the decade again! Presidential election season is once again upon us.

One issue all candidates (and all of us) can agree on is the importance of education.

While strides have been made, balancing school budgets with the ability to deliver the best education is often very difficult to achieve.  One glaring area is the subject of social studies, where very few quality and engaging teaching methods exist. The result?  A significant education gap, and huge groups of graduating high school seniors who can’t identify states and countries on a map

A solution is being demanded by schools, educational networks, and parents and the technology is finally here to do it.  The explosion of Netflix and Amazon Prime are great indicators of where a new generation of digital kids are going for their media content.  Schools are also getting in on the act, with many issuing tablets and/or tablet-based programs to assist in education.  However, an innovative social studies program is still absent on the market.


Schools, parents, and children alike could all benefit from a more advanced, engaging, and “with the times” social studies education program.  And guess what?  It’s finally here.

Safebox Entertainment, a child-safe production company, is proud to introduce Nigel the Navigator™ – your new guide through the world of social studies education. Nigel is the star of our social studies program – which includes a 3D digitally-animated children’s educational videos, book series, and web platform – geared towards kids 4-10 years old.  It engages and teaches these tech-savvy scholars history, culture, and geography in a way that relates to them and makes them want to learn.

Nigel the Navigator™ is just the first in what Safebox hopes is a long line of innovative educational service offerings.  Our successful media production sister company, is the driving force behind our future and provides us with outstanding infrastructural support.  Shared by Safebox, Renmanent’s mission is to stimulate interest through audience participation via books, video, and website productions.


Now, let’s get into the fun stuff.  Our platform includes a series of books and 3D digitally-animated videos, a subscription-based website, games, merchandise, and curriculum-based activities.  Students will learn how to read maps and compasses while gaining critical skills in concentration and leadership.  Nigel also encourages them to see beyond the confines of their home – expanding their worldview to venture into places they’ve only dreamed of.  Learning about a wide variety of cultures, customs, and norms in this manner will put them ages ahead of their peers.

Here’s are more details on the individual services and features that Nigel the Navigator™ offers:

The content
So, what’s it about?  Our hero Nigel is an avid traveller who sets out to explore a number of different destinations – stopping at countries along the way.  His experiences allow kids to engage, explore, and learn.

The program’s starting point, our books will be presented in a series.  It starting with Swallow’s Tail, where Nigel ventures to Egypt on a treasure-hunting quest and learns about countries along the way.  Each book will contain a different educational adventure.

Featured on PBS (which is great for our marketing), our videos tie everything together. They act similarly to the animated books on our website, but in a TV-friendly form. Interest generated from these videos will be used to convert viewers into website subscribers.

Subscription-based website
It’s our home for everything digital.  Here, kids can read the books in a text-only or fun animated form (like a book/video combo).  All other elements of our educational platform will be included on our web platform as well – including interactive games (which kids can play with Nigel) and   Nigel-themed gear and merchandise.

Social networking capabilities
It’s all about the interaction.  Our platform allows kids to interact with other kids around the world and also with Nigel, making us a sort of social network for kids.  Part of this is curriculum-based activities; for instance, we’ll include an “Instagram” for kids where they can upload photos of their travels to Nigel.


The ball is rolling here at Safebox – and it’s gaining steam!  Since the founding of our sister company (Renmanent Productions) less than one year ago, we’ve been hard at work in our quest to create innovative educational services.  The idea for Nigel the Navigator™ was originally conceived in June 2015 by Nicanson Guerrier, with Safebox Entertainment started shortly thereafter to handle Nigel’s marketing and distribution.  Aside from these big moments, here are some other milestones we’ve crossed in our first year:

First series in the works.

Production on “The Swallow’s Tail” book and first video episode started in November 2015, and just recently wrapped up.  It’s distribution-ready.

Key partnerships secured.
We’ve formed a solid working relationship with PBS, who’s anxiously awaiting the first video release.  Our production partner, Vencer Creations, is currently handling everything from storyboard concepts to 3D video production and editing.  Relationship building has also begun with Amazon Prime and Netflix, as well as with several book publishers.

Proprietary protection granted.
Nigel the Navigator™ and the associated characters are all copyright protected. Additionally, Safebox has secured a 10-year lease agreement for its exclusive use and distribution.

Test book released.
On Amazon Prime, we recently gave away over 400 copies of our first test book, “Nigel goes to Spain”, in just one week.

Trailer video complete.
A trailer video that demonstrates and fully explains the series has been produced and completed.


A passion for education and entertainment – and a youthful heart – is where the idea for Nigel the Navigator™ was birthed.  With a gift and desire for seeing the world through the eyes of a child, Nigel’s creator modeled him after his own son – and developed him into the adventurous educator he is today.  Let’s learn more about the executive team tasked with bringing Nigel to the masses:


Our day-to-day leader, Scott, has well over two decades’ experience in executive engineering positions, including VP of Operations.  His past employers include GE, Whirlpool, Exide, KISMET SSP, and Alpha Technologies.  He holds an MBA from Indiana University, and has 5 patents under his belt.  For Safebox and Nigel, Scott is the ultimate overseer.  Top responsibilities include executive management, fundraising, investor relations, and financial management.


He’s the brainchild and original creator of Nigel the Navigator™.  Nicanson cut his teeth in film and TV as part of the production staff for 4 different Super Bowls.  He’s been a key producer for many other TV shows as well – including Top Chef – and got his big break with the 2009 release of movie “Know Thy Enemy”,  which he wrote and produced.  He heads up all media productions for Safebox, including editing and production coordination.

Trey’s professional career has taken off as International Marketing Coordinator at FANGORIA, where he’s been since 2010.  He’s worked as a key marketing strategist for an international array of diverse clients, and is also an accomplished musician, filmmaker, graphic designer and actor.  For us, he’s in charge of sponsor management and will serve as Production Manager.

Our operations are backed by an Educational Team that serves in a key advisory role. The team includes accomplished clinical social worker and certified life coachJennifer Benoit, scholar and Florida math teacher Sherline Cameron Wilson, and high school principal Javier Perez.

Contact Information:

Scott Lange

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