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Feb 5, 2016 11:00 AM ET

Archived: Fans Send The CATMAN to SUPERBOWL 50

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 5, 2016



Fans, Friends, Supporters and Well Wishers! Thank-You for your Support. I have now purchased a ticket to SB 50!! I have a hotel room, a rental car and flight combo. You all can stop donating! I have enough, Thank-You! As previously stated by me, I will figure out something with Donors help, that I can do to assist you with me making appearances, taking some to games with me and hand delivering a Catman Bobble! I am really humbled by your support and love for me. Some of you made the suggestion to me to start this GFM and then so did some of my family and son. They have learned the power of respect and so have I. Sadly speaking, I deleted some folk from my FB list that did not have a kind word to say. I learned that I could not please everyone, no matter how nice I tried to be. Some had hidden agendas but the people who disagreed with my GFM and spoke with me personally, I listened. I hope that I can speak with anyone and everyone about how I can help grow your business or Charity. I am here for all of my donors! Thank-You. Go Panthers!
Hello Fans! I am Gregory =Catman= Good. Well Known Super Fan of The Carolina Panthers. I would love to go to the Super Bowl this year and represent our Panthers, but my personal funds are not sufficient. I need your help, Please. Many people think that the Panthers give me tickets or parking passes, But they ‘Never Have’. I have taken many kids to games with me and donated my Bobble Head dolls to Charitable organizations. I will continue to do so regardless but this is a special season and I need to be there to represent our region. Whatever you can donate will be used to pay for airline tickets, hotel and game tickets. It could be a once in a Lifetime experience that I will truly appreciate. The largest contributor will earn a seat with me at a game in Carolina next season; & others will be thrown into a hat and drawn to also go to a game, on the front row with me. I live in Winston-Salem and commute to each game in Charlotte. I have represented our Panthers since 1995 and in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame in 2004. Fame does not always come with Fortune, so I’m famous but low on funds because of my health. To show my appreciation, I will donate up to 4 games next season and 3 games in the 2017 season to the lucky drawn names who donated, You could sit with me for free on the front row, in Charlotte! I will take a thousand pictures and video to post on my Facebook pages. I will need your help as we will win this Sunday and reservations will need to be done to secure room and tickets. I will also do a Charity Event in the name of your business for free but it will have to fit my work schedule and be first come first served. I teach anger management to children, and are an excellent speaker with a radio quality voice. I will do most anything to show my appreciation after coming back home with a Super Bowl Win. Thank-You
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Greg Catman Good

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