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Feb 4, 2016 7:05 AM ET

Archived: Monsieur Fox: We provide men’s accessories of the highest quality

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 4, 2016


About Monsieur Fox

Luxury should be a staple, not a rarity. For too long, men have been subject to the confines of formal, business, and casual. But a true gentleman is an interplay of all three. He is well-mannered, well-groomed, and well-liked. Monsieur Fox is an ode to that man. His demeanor is uniquely his own, his palette is refined, and his style is recognized by all those around him. He is, in a word, elegant. And he is elegant, everyday.At Monsieur Fox, the art of dressing is in the details. We provide men’s accessories of the highest quality. Accessories give you options. They are a luxury, yes, but also of your choosing. They are an extension of yourself. You leave nothing open to interpretation. You dictate how you’ll be received. Others will see what you value with what you add to your ensemble. It’s time to embrace your sense of style.

This is our first time using this sort of platform, and we would like to see how it works. With this offer, our plan is to fund part of our upcoming Fall/Winter inventory order of ties and pocket squares. We focus exclusively on bringing the best, hand-made pieces from Italy directly to our customers who appreciate quality but are also looking for reasonable prices, without the typical mark-ups seen at retail stores or from luxury brands. Our designs are all made in house and exclusive to us, and each piece is handcrafted at the best workshops and by the top craftsmen in the field. 

We design everything ourselves with our in-house team (most companies simply buy patterns that are made by manufacturers!) and then we work closely with the best workshops in Italy to print, cut and roll our designs into pocket squares, scarves, and ties. 

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Adrian Azodi is the creative director behind Monsieur Fox, launching the brand in 2012, he wanted to create a range of collections that appealed to the young man who respected his appearance, but also his wallet. After years of searching for affordable, elegant, and well-made clothing, he launched his own line to provide the pieces he couldn’t find elsewhere. Image title

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Monsieur Fox

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