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Feb 2, 2016 3:37 PM ET

Archived: Game Box Monthly – New Tabletop Games Delivered Right to Your Door, Every Month.

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 2, 2016

Game Box Monthly is a monthly subscription service for indie tabletop games.

We send a new and exciting board game straight to your doorstep every month, introducing new and experienced gamers alike to incredible games they wouldn’t discover otherwise.

So join Game Box Monthly and… 


Remember game night? Gathering around the table with family and friends to forget what ails you? The laughter, the competition, the fun.

Many of us never lost that feeling. We’ve been gaming for years, reveling in the camaraderie, the ritual, the joy of simple, thrilling tabletop games. We’re experienced gamers, and we’ve turned the humble board game into a true passion.

And many are joining our ranks. As we struggle to find new entertainment experiences outside of our glittering screens, the old world of the tabletop game is undergoing a renaissance, creating new experiences and drawing in new gamers from all over the world. The board game renaissance is in full swing.

All this new interest has game designers rushing to meet the demand. They’re creating new and exciting games, some of which are merely average and some of which are absolute delights to play.

So how do new gamers navigate this new world? And how do experienced gamers sift through the pile of mediocrity to find the gems?


At Game Box Monthly (surprise!) we’re gamers.

And we know that, though we’re all gamers, we have unique tastes. This is no one-size-fits-all subscription: we don’t just find the best games. We find the best games for you.

Using Game Box Monthly couldn’t be simpler.

Game Box Monthly is not a rental service – every game we send out is new, unopened, and yours to keep. And best of all: we’ll keep track of the games you already own, so you’ll always have a fresh experience!


We’re gaining a lot of traction in the gaming world. We’ve even caught the eye of Buzzfeed in their “20 Geeky Subscription Boxes You Need Right Now” piece.

But we’re just getting started. We’re working on software that uses your unique tastes and preferences to match you with only the games that we’re sure will absolutely delight you. Imagine being able to pull a series of levers (okay, sliders) to adjust your preferences, then being sent only those games that meet your criteria.

Let’s say you want something for family game night that’s immersive, that keeps the kids interested. Or maybe you have a friend coming in from out of town, and you have some catching up to do, so you want something more low-key so that you can keep a dialogue going as you play.

We’ve sent out over 1,600 shipments already, and those who try us, love us (90 percent are still with us after 30 days).

With a successful funding campaign, we can expand upon the taste tracker and stock our shelves with even more of the best games out there.  


Brian Finifter – Founder/Owner
The founder and owner, Brian launched Game Box Monthly a year ago with a couple of posts on Reddit and the little spare room he had on his credit card. From there he’s grown it to hundreds of subscribers and over $60,000 in sales, and almost entirely organically.

Peter Vaughan – New Content Development
A game designer and publisher of multiple award-winning games, Peter will spearhead creation and acquisition of new games and content developed exclusively for Game Box Monthly.

Jake Lloyd – Branding and Marketing
A versatile talent in all aspects of media and design, Jake has been and will continue to be the driving force behind Game Box Monthly’s visual identity and presentation, from high level branding strategy to individual advertisement creation.

Andrew Rodriguez – Game Portfolio Manager
Andrew is an alpha tester for Fantasy Flight Games. He’ll take charge of evaluating and processing existing games for inclusion into Game Box Monthly’s portfolio, as well as ensuring their presentation within our service is as strong as possible.

Contact Information:

Brian Finifter
​Peter Vaughan
Jake Lloyd
Andrew Rodriguez

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