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Feb 2, 2016 1:56 PM ET

Archived: Cashfly – Instant Cash Transfer App: an e-wallet that has all the features of a bank account, plus a bit more

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 2, 2016

This app allows users to receive cash worldwide from another users,transforming every person into an ATM.

CashFly e-wallet has all the features of a bank account, plus a bit more:

Ask for money from a friend
Enter required amount and currency of the “main screen” then your friend’s phone number. The recipient will receive a notification if the transfer agrees to accept the amount requested by you. Balance the “main screen” will update the amount and currency received.

Send gift to a friend
Enter required amount and currency of the “main screen”. Then press “Send Gift”. Enter your friend’s phone number, password Fly Cash and instant money will be transferred to the recipient.

Money can be withdrawn from CashFly balance in two ways:
1. In any bank account, you enter in the application menu “Withdraw Money”

2. The SOS function of the application
HOW? Simple:
Enter the withdrawal amount and the desired currency in the main menu. From the moment that all users Cash Fly a radius of 3 km will receive a notification with your requested amount. If one accepts the request will be notified, you will see the name and location of the person who agrees to transfer and you can initiate a conversation (chat) with that.
The meeting place will show the amount required QR code that will be scanned.
When scanning the money required + fee of 2% will be transferred from your account to user account Cash Fly hands you cash.

3. CashFly Benefits
Instant money transfer and cash withdrawals can be made from friends, acquaintances etc. that have the application installed Fly Cash.
You can send gifts to surprise loved ones wherever they are, just knowing their phone number will not being necessary to know their bank account.
Do not you depend on fixed schedules and locations to withdraw cash.
You do not have to have a bank card data in the application and no bank account to receive money.

What makes this app so unique

  • This app transforms every user into an ATM.
  • Every person owns a smartphone but not every person owns a bank account. Due to our e-money and payment institution licenses, you can open an e-wallet account with the same characteristics, that allows you to make baking operations.
  • CashFLy is user friendly and intuitive to use, while respecting all anti money laundering, real beneficiary and anti terrorism financing regulations.
Contact Information:

Ovidiu Iorga

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