Feb 2, 2016 7:03 AM ET

Archived: Bioverity Inc.: formed to help people live a better quality of life as they age

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 2, 2016

BioVerity Inc. was formed to help people live a better quality of life as they age. BioVerity is a unique, proprietary complex dietary formula of 31 food-derived ingredients designed to support healthy cellular function and suppress the five leading causes of aging: oxidative stress, blood sugar metabolism, cellular energy decline, abnormal inflammation response and cellular wall damage.

  • Scientifically supported formula with proven results in reducing the effects of aging – 12 years of scientific research support. 8 published papers with 4 to follow.
  • Unique formula – Scientific Developers are supporting the business. McMaster developed. University of California Irvine human Phase 1 clinical trial to begin in Jan 2015.
  • IP protection – We plan to have a number of applications in process for patent pending. Legal counsel Tory’s LLP and Gowlings.
  • Unique AM/PM formula delivery – Proprietary– AM & PM Delivery with 24 Hr Impact.
  • Direct to Consumer closed business model – Ongoing subscription. Measured consumer response.
Contact Information:

Massimo (Max) Carbone
Joseph Castaldi

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