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Feb 1, 2016 8:33 AM ET

Archived: vidFlow: “the Spotify for music videos”

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 1, 2016

As seen on “Gründerne” on NRK1 (https://tv.nrk.no/serie/grunderne/MDHP11000416/sesong-1/episode-3), Norwegian award-winning startup vidFlow, the world’s first music video streaming service to land licensing deals with Universal, Sony and Warner Music, offers the world’s largest selection of official music videos. The videos are presented in a premium, social environment, focusing on quality, discovery and interaction to become the most efficient platform for distribution and consumption of music related video content – music videos, concerts, documentaries, interviews and more. vidFlow has been labelled “the Spotify for music videos”, and tailors videos to your preferences – making music video consumption and discovery easier than ever across web, mobile and tablet, all while contributing directly to the artists.

Investor proposal

In 2014 vidFlow closed the most successful Norwegian equity crowdfunding, right here on FBM, raising €133.000 in only a few days.
Now we are aiming to improve our own record by raising €150.000 to kick start a seed round of €500.000, intended for investments in the validation of vidFlow 2.0 as well as technical andorganizational preparations for international expansion to 7 countries, including the UK and the Nordics. This is the last chance for “Average-Joe” to invest in the company, and with a minimum investment of only €500, anybody is welcome to join our family!


The problem this product solves

Since the demise of traditional music TV, consumers have been left with the responsibility of scanning through a myriad of sources and filtering out irrelevant content, to re-discover old and discover new music videos.
With YouTube as the main platform for music videos, distribution of such content has been spread around various media outlets without offering a one-stop shop providing quality content and curation. Despite having a distributional value, this fragmented consumption comes with a price – low CPM levels and a risk of consumers moving on to low-quality, non-music related content. An inefficient, fragmented model of distribution and consumption.

How the product solves it

With vidFlow, the world’s first music video streaming service to land licensing deals with Universal, Sony and Warner Music as well as independent labels, the world’s largest selection of official music videos is gathered in one service available on desktop, iOS and Android – a true one-stop shop. The videos are presented in a premium, social environment, focusing on quality, discovery and interaction to become the most efficient platform for distribution and consumption of music related video content – music videos, concerts, documentaries, interviews and more.
No more browsing around on numerous blogs and different services to find high-quality videos!


Product features

In a socially driven environment, users find curated interactive playlists recommended based on their mood, preferences and predictions, or use on-demand search, all enjoyed in an intuitive and seamless lean back experience – a visual radio – making music video discovery and consumption easier and more effective than ever.
Adding to our proven lean back experience is a dynamic social timeline feeding you the latest videos, including music videos, concerts, interviews, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and more. Never miss a beat – follow and interact with friends, artists, blogs and more to create your personal stream with the latest music videos.

Product use cases

Use vidFlow on web, mobile or tablet, or stream it to the big-screen using AirPlay/Chromecast and stream music and video when you’re having friends over for a pre-game or party, while you’re doing homework, cooking dinner for the family or cleaning the house. Discovering new and re-discovering old visual music has never been easier. Our goal is to again make visual music a bigger part of people’s lives, while contributing to a higher and more efficient consumption of music videos – cross-platform and on a global scale – benefiting the music industry, artists, brands, and music lovers around the world.


Target Market

According to IFPI’s Digital Music Report 2015, the music industry’s digital revenues in 2014 totaled US $6,85bn, up 7% from the year before, and amounted to 46% of the industry’s revenues. Subscription revenue from digital services rose 39% to US $1,57bn, and consisted of 41 million subscribers, a number which have five-folded over the last four years. Music subcription revenue now makes up for 23% of digital revenues globally. Ad-supported streaming revenue are up by 38,6% in 2014. In the Nordics, subscription streams income make up about 90% of total digital revenue, and the digital penetration is higher than ever.

Competitive landscape

The competitive landscape consists of direct competitors providing music video providers such as YouTube, Vevo and others, along with indirect competitors such as audio streaming services. Some of these services do not have all the content that users expect, while others are swamped with unofficial or irrelevant content. On vidFlow, users find solely official high-quality content, licensed directly from the labels. Having signed licensing agreements with the three major labels Universal, Sony and Warner, as well as several independent labels, vidFlow offers the world’s largest official high-quality music video library. For more information regarding our service, see ourwebsite.

Unique differentiator from competitors

What sets vidFlow apart from other music services is the fundamental approach of valuing music videos as an independent product, and offering this visual musical experience in an environment that allows an effective distributing and monetizing of this type of content. In the initial beta period of vidFlow (Sep 2014 – Mars 2015), the average user watched 50 minutes of video per active day, which comes down to more than 12 official music videos per user per day. For comparison, YouTube dishes out an average of 5 videos per user session, counting not just music videos.

Business Model

Company revenue streams

vidFlow employs the Freemium model through a free ad-supported version and a premium ad-free subscription version with extended functionality. We strive to challenge the boundaries of the digital ad market, disrupting the space by leaving behind the traditional ways of advertising and introducing a model helping brands associate themselves with the most premium video content as an integrated part of the user experience.
The model is proven and sustainable, benefiting the industry as a whole and the artists directly, as vidFlow pays out a substantial portion of its revenue through royalties. Still both versions has subscription/stream contribution margins of 20-35%.

Product/service distribution

vidFlow is available on web, iOS and Android, and continuous development for additional platforms will follow. We are currently working towards distribution deals with two leading Norwegian companies on two different mediums, with an aim of going live in Q2 2016.
In regards to our international expansion, we are looking for partners interested in a top tier cross-platform service that can help your business become the center of home and mobile entertainment. Whether through bundling or profit share models, vidFlow can be a value-adding service that helps reduce churn – under the radar, over the top.


Previous milestones/traction

  • 12.12.12 vidFlow AS founded
  • Q1-13 Development and design team selected, converted programming costs of NOK175K and design work of NOK1,5M for shares in the company
  • Q2-13 Angel funding round; NOK526K raised at NOK6,5M valuation
  • Q1-14 Angel funding round; NOK1,9M raised at NOK9,1M valuation
  • Q1-14 Granted SkatteFUNN (Norwegian R&D tax deduction scheme) and granted NOK900K from Innovation Norway
  • Q1-14 vidFlow BETA launch and vidAwards 2014 during by:Larm
  • Q3-14 vidFlow commercial launch on iOS, Android and web (student-launch)
  • Q4-14 Crowdfunding; €133K raised at €2,2M (NOK21,2M) valuation
  • Q1-15 vidAwards 2015 during by:Larm
  • Q3-15 Angel funding round; NOK1,7M at NOK24,2M valuation

Next key objectives

H1 2016
  • vidAwards 2016 @ by:Larm
  • Launch, vidFlow 2.0 for web and iOS
  • Product validation and fit
  • Funding, seed
  • Key staffing, UK & The Nordics
  • Key partnerships, UK & The Nordics
H2 2016
  • Launch, UK & The Nordics
  • Traction, UK & The NordicsProduct validation and fit
  • Global expansion preparations
  • Funding, Series A


With limited resources, but plenty of passion and a fearless attitude, vidFlow has managed to introduce a full-fledged premium music video service with a global potential in a growing market. Our trusted partners on this journey, whether through funding, content or distributional partnerships, are playing a critical role in laying the foundation for growth. By scaling the service and effectively penetrating the markets, vidFlow shall be the best and preferred source for effective music video discovery and consumption – benefiting both fans, artists, and our partners.
For a list of our partners, see our website.

Industry Recognition

Industry Certification/Awards

For all other press, see our website.

Use of Funds

See “Investor Proposal” above.
The industry is yet to experience a service valuing music videos as an independent, effectively distributed and monetized product. vidFlow fundamentally differs from services offering music videos as a bi-product. Within the next few years the users will determine which approach they prefer, and by then we will be established as the best video solution. In a worst case scenario where users prefer integrated audio-video services, by then vidFlow will have an established user base, platform, infrastructure, experience, and team – representing a favourable exit option as audio-only services will be looking for a video solution.


Contact Information:

Nassir Achour

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