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Jan 31, 2016 10:35 AM ET

Resources for Refugees: Help us raise funds to build shelters and provide aid to refugees

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 31, 2016

In the first week of December we traveled to France to help make and build shelters for people in the Calais Refugee camp.

The Shelters provide much needed protection from the rain, wind and cold, especially as we go into winter, they also provide safety and security for vulnerable individuals and families. A basic right for anyone, regardless of where they come from.

The infrastructure that has been put in place to support the Calais refugee camp is mainly from self organised and initiated individuals and groups volunteering there time and energy to share resources to help other people in a desperate situation. This includes such things as daily free hot meals delivered to the camp, a theatre, a woman’s and children’s area and a library. This is incredibly inspiring and also proves the ongoing need for us all to mobilise to help, where and if we can as the aid of these people depends on voluntary humanitarian mobilisation and action.

Its amazing to see what a difference one person can make and heart warming to see how many people care about the fate of others, but more help is needed. Whilst in Calais, we also found out about the desperate situation of refugees in the Dunkirk camp. A current estimate is that there are 2000 people in the Dunkirk refugee camp. The first 20 shelters were only just allowed to be built last week and the whole camp have very little provisions there, some people without even tents to shelter from the rain and wind, in a camp that is a foot deep in mud.

After seeing all the amazing work going on there, we have decided that the best way to continue to help, is to raise much needed funds, to keep these projects going.

keep an eye on this page for upcoming events!
We will be holding a series of events in London and Bristol and further afield so,

We are raising money and providing on the ground “hu”man power for the following charities:

‘A Home for winter’
‘Brighton shelter build project’
‘Aid Box Convoy’


Contact Information:

Carrie Watkins and Alice Cunningham

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