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Archived: Lego for Africa: these Legos can help many generations of kids

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 31, 2016

Throughout North America, there are billions of Legos taking up space in attics, closets, and basements. Kids outgrow their Legos every day. Legos can’t be recycled and many charities won’t accept them as donations. 

We do. We take the Legos that are just occupying space in American homes to a place where they are a prized luxury item: Africa. In the countries we work with, such as Uganda and Botswana, these Legos can help many generations of kids. They never go bad, they are universally interchangeable, and they develop children’s minds.

This project was the idea of a six-year-old boy named Micah. Since then, Micah and his father have succesfully collected hundreds of pounds of Legos in the US and deployed them to Uganda and Botswana with the help of volunteers from Child Africa and the Peace Corp.

Micah is now 9 years old and it is time to take Lego Africa to the next level. Your generous donations will enable the transportation of our largest shipment of Legos to date. In addition, Micah and his father will travel to the poorest area of Uganda to meet with local leaders and expand their current program to reach many more children in the years to come. Together, we can turn American clutter into a brighter future for these kids!


Get a hand-written thank you letter from students in Uganda


Get a signed photo of kids in Uganda playing with your Lego


And also get a limited edition Lego Africa T-shirt
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