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Jan 29, 2016 1:41 PM ET

Archived: Fabulous Beasts – a new kind of game – A tasty blend of tabletop dexterity and digital strategy. Beautiful pieces, custom hardware and super-social gameplay. Fun. Fun? Fun!

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 29, 2016

Fabulous Beasts is a game for one to five players who take on the role of gods, taking turns to add magical Artefacts onto a balancing tower. 

Every time you successfully stack an Artefact, you alter the connected digital world. The aim is to make the most fabulous world you can, before your tower collapses. 

Fabulous Beasts is brought to you by an experienced team of game designers, artists and engineers including Alex Fleetwood (Hide&Seek) and George Buckenham (Wild Rumpus,Panoramical). The soundtrack for the game is being created by Disasterpeace.

The digital app is compatible with modern Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. For more details see our FAQs.

 Choose a beast Artefact, scan it, then place it on the tower:

 Stack your Artefacts carefully to create and nurture your beasts in the digital world:


Build your tower with skill and strategy, as when it collapses, it’s game over!


After a year of playtesting and development, players of all ages have told us that they love:

  • the complex shapes of the pieces and the variety of towers they produce 
  • the depth of the scoring system 
  • the super-social co-operative gameplay 
  • the delight of creating and discovering hundreds of fabulous beasts 
  • the reliability of the connected hardware
  • the potential to extend gameplay with new pieces and game modes

Check out this Let’s Play video for a detailed look at the game in action.

As Seen In:

Winner, Indiecade Technology Award, 2015

Featured in The Guardian’s 25 Most Anticipated Games of 2016

“Completely reinvents the game of balance.” LA Times

“An enchanting creation.” Edge

“Jenga, meet CRISPR.” Wired

“A fascinating object stacking game.” The Guardian

“As a party game, it might end up as one of the best.” Pocket Gamer

“A physical game that has been truly enhanced by mobile.” Techmog

All artwork shown is preliminary, and may change before shipping.
All artwork shown is preliminary, and may change before shipping.

Fabulous Beasts started when Alex was making a fire in a campsite in California. While stacking bits of firewood and watching pelicans fly by, he had an idea for a game that linked the balance of nature with the balance of objects. 

Once back in London, Alex called up George, Tim and Lyall – who he’d worked with while making games at Hide&Seek. With the help of Play Sandbox they started working on a prototype with the Engineering department at Bath University. Chris began helping us with hardware, and rapidly became the fifth member of the team. 

We use technologies like 3D-printing, Arduino, Autodesk Forge and Unity to bring indie creativity to hardware as well as software. We love working together and shaping all the different elements of the game in parallel. 

We’ve spent the last year taking the game to festivals, evolving the design, and developing the game. We’ll tell you all about it during the campaign.

We’re lucky to have the backing and support of some fantastic people from the games and hardware industries. But what we’re trying to do is something that’s rarely been done before. Companies who make games that bridge physical and digital are mostly ginormous multinational corporations. 

We’ve got a refined, award-winning prototype and we’ve built out a manufacturing plan with experienced partners in Hong Kong and China. The fastest way for us to carry out that plan is with your support. 

Most importantly, we want to start a conversation about the future of this game with YOU. We’re so excited about being able to keep adding to and improving it and we have a ton of ideas – from different game modes, to extra pieces, to hardware upgrades. With your support, we can make them all happen! 

In order to reduce customs fees & VAT and to keep shipping prices low, we are working with a Hong Kong based logistics partner to pick, pack and ship all rewards to local fulfilment centres in the UK, US, Canada and Australia, and then on to you. EU rewards will therefore be delivered from within the EU. We expect to ship all other rewards direct from Hong Kong.

Shipping prices for the Core Edition / Core Edition Plus / Maker Edition vary as follows from territory to territory:

UK, US, Canada, Australia: £10 (approx $15 USD / $20 CAD  / $20 AUS ) 

Western EU* (excl. UK): £15 (approx €20) 

All other countries: £25

Other rewards are charged by weight and volume accordingly.

*Western EU includes: France, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Greece

Contact Information:

Sensible Object

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