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Jan 27, 2016 2:30 PM ET

Archived: Wilcox Announces Statewide Finance Committee

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 27, 2016

ORLANDO – Todd Wilcox, combat veteran, entrepreneur and candidate for the United States Senate today announced members of his Statewide Finance Committee.

“As our campaign continues to build momentum, I am proud to announce these Florida business icons as founding members of our finance team and am honored to have their support,” said Wilcox. “As a first-time candidate, I recognize that the professional politicians in this race have access to political insiders that give them an advantage. I am the outsider in this race, and that is a label I proudly wear.”

Members of the Wilcox Statewide Finance Committee are laying the groundwork for a successful fundraising operation to ensure the campaign has the resources needed to compete in this race.

Wilcox Statewide Finance Committee Members:

  1. Charles Gray, Orange County
    Chairman of the Board and Founding Director of Gray Robinson

“I couldn’t be more proud of Todd’s eagerness to again serve his country,” said Charlie Gray. “Todd Wilcox has the real world experience we need to keep Americans safe, balance our nation’s budget and fight for the liberties we hold so dear.” – Charlie Gray

George Livingston, Orange County
Founder and Chairman of NAI Realvest and Chairman and CEO of Realvest Development and CommerCenters

“I don’t know that there has ever been a candidate whose life experiences have better prepared them to serve in the United States Senate than Todd Wilcox,” said Livingston. “His depth of knowledge on the issues plaguing our country – national security, our economy and protecting our liberties – are exactly what we need as we chart a course forward.” – George Livingston

  1. Patrick “Rick” Michaels, Jr., Hillsborough County
    Founder, Chairman and CEO of the CEA Group

“We have in Todd the opportunity to send someone to Washington who not only understands the challenges we face as a country, but is equipped to deal with them,” said Michaels. “We will ensure this campaign is positioned to make that contrast clear to the people of Florida.” – Rick Michaels

Michael Munz, Duval County
President of PR and Social Group of the Dalton Agency and Managing Partner of RummelMunz Partners

“I was first introduced to Todd and from the moment we began a conversation about the future of our country, I was convinced he has the knowledge, a sincere depth of understanding about the issues and the courage to be the kind of Senator who will get things done and not waste time getting mired down in the petty political process that has strangled Washington. He’s a man of action with solid conservative principles.” – Michael Munz

Peter Rummell, Duval County
Chairman of Rummell Company

“Florida is going to be in a unique position to send someone to represent us in the US Senate that knows what it is like to deal with both domestic and international issues. Todd’s real life experience as a businessman and also his military and international experiences quality him more than any other candidate I have met to handle all of these very complicated and challenging issues.” – Peter Rummell

Ambassador Ned L. Siegel, Palm Beach County
Former US Ambassador to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and Founder of the Siegel Group

“Floridians are desperate for leadership in Washington and Todd Wilcox has demonstrated his ability to lead on the battlefield and in the boardroom.” – Ambassador Ned L. Siegel



For more information about Todd Wilcox and his campaign to restore America’s prominence, please visit www.ToddWilcox2016.com.


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