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Jan 27, 2016 4:16 PM ET

Archived: Trinity Violin Travel Set: World’s Smallest & Strongest ViolinCase & its 2 sister cases become ONE

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 27, 2016

This is the main purpose of the Trinity Setto transport your violin and bows safely through the check-in procedure, without any discussions with flight personnel and the airline’s one-piece-cabin-luggage-only -policy, buying extra seats etc. Just wheel it onboard, without anybody noticing that you are even travelling with an instrument! Onboard – remove the BowCase and place it next to the SuitCase in the overhead locker.

The Trinity SuitCase also gives you plenty of space for your documents, computer, book, cosmetics, music, concert clothes and shoes. All that in one piece of cabin luggage of an adjustable size, within the size limits of virtually all the airlines. No need to check-in your computer, and no risk of standing on a concert podium without your concert dress.

Trinity ViolinCase

Trinity ViolinCase is made of hyper-modern composite materials (carbon and glass fibers)

The composite shell can withstand substantial weight. 

This sandwich structure is extremely resilient to any impact.

Trinity ViolinCase uses a strong external lock which both prevents an unauthorized opening and secures the whole case by fixing it to a firm object. 



The inside is covered with soft, insulating and lightweight polyester fleece.Elastic pillows keep the instrument gently but firmly in place. 


Additional structural reinforcements support the vault and ensure a supreme side impact protection : 2 interconnecting pillars on both sides of  a violin,  a full-height partition around the violin neck, virtually indestructible nylon hinges.
Trinity BowCase

The standard shell is made of robust ABS-plastic, reinforced with an aluminum&glass-fiber “spine”.

We offer versions in  glass fiber, carbon fiber and jute as well, also in shorter version (to be used only with the ViolinCase). These are even more attractive and more resilient to impact.

An external soft cover acts as an extra impact, scratch and heat shield. It can be securely attached to the Trinity ViolinCase. The detachable pockets (optional) offer space for a shoulder rest, Kensington retractable cable lock and other items (glasses, pencil etc).


The Trinity BowCase (without its soft cover) is used for leading the SuitCase. Slide it into the channel, until you hear the click.

You can lead the SuitCase (with the Trinity ViolinCase inside) through the gate at the airport like any other passenger. 


Trinity SuitCase

2 versions of Trinity SuitCase


Trinity SuitCase with a traditional expandable lid has 2 outer pockets large enough for a 13’’ computer and 2 inner net-pockets. You can vary the thickness of your SuitCase between 20 and 25 cm.

Trinity SuitCase with a detachable lid is another unique solution by String King. You can detach the lid and turn it into a shoulder bag in seconds (the separate shoulder strap is provided). You can leave the SuitCase at the hotel and carry the bag with all the stuff you may need. It’s great for every-day use too.

You can secure the Trinity SuitCase to any solid object (like a shelf in the train) in a similar way as 2 other cases of the Trinity Set – by using the same  Kensington Click-Safe Lock Wire(optional). 

Simultaneously you can secure the BowCase – pull the Kensington lock wire through the loop and click it on the SuitCase. It is possible to secure even the entire Trinity Set.

If you want to have even better suspension you can add our ownSpring Suspension System (SSS) (available as a perk).The wheels will damp vibrations a bit like in a car.

Contact Information:

Gabriel Bania

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