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Jan 27, 2016 9:54 AM ET

Archived: Fleet Commander – Genesis : The easy-to-play tactical and epic space battle boardgame for 2 to 4 players including new amazing expansions!

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 27, 2016

Become a Fleet Commander, pick up your fleet, choose your weapons and enter the battle. Lead your mighty warships to victory and your name will stand for the one of a wise strategist and an enlightened tactician.

Fleet Commander is a space battle game for 2 to 4 players. The game is fast and agressive; set it up in less than 1 minute and play it  in less than 1 hour! The rules are so simple and the mechanics so deep that you can as much teach it to young children than experiment epic tactical team battles with experienced players.

  • A 2-to-4-player space battle game, setup the game quickly and recreate the sensations of space opera battles in less than 1 hour!
  • Innovative dice mechanics to constrain your tactics and fasten the choices, but zero randomness on damage dealt. Wise commanders will make the difference every time.
  • Build your battle area with 50 tiles including fields such as asteroids or gates to jump between different boards. Play multiple scenarios and campaigns worthy of the most epic space opera battles: each game will be different!
  • 6 different ship classes to compose your own fleet, many special weapons, commanders and support abilities to explore and let you imagine various combined strategies!

In Fleet Commander, the gameplay is based on an innovative mechanic in which dice determine the direction of your moves, your attacks and your shields, but not the amount of damage your ships deal. 

So even if you roll dice, control plays a major part in the game. Your capacity to sense the best ship placement is a significant new way of dealing space battles, making Fleet Commander a new experience to feel!

Now it’s time to discover what makes Fleet Commander so new and easy-to-play…


Each ship is defined by only 4 things:

  • Class number, from 1 to 5.
  • Hull points, most of the time 6 times its class.
  • Attack points, from 0 to 5.
  • Special abilities (advanced propulsion, long range attack, special weapons…).

Among the different ships included in the box, you can compose your own fleet. At the beginning of each game, you have 12 class points to divide between your ships. So whether you want to lead a huge swarm of 12 frigates or command a small pack of 3 battlecruisers, with 3 different special weapons, it’s your call!

Battle area

The battlefield is divided into sectors. 50 reversible tiles let you compose 2 5×5 boards or a big 7×7! Scenarios will introduce new battle area shapes (such as L, X…), and you will be able to compose your own and create unique areas.

Some sectors can be occupied by asteroid fields, gas clouds, jump gates or other items which will interfere in the battle. Each expansion introducing new fields to multiply your strategies.

From front to back, Asteroid Fields, Jump Gates or Gravitic Fields are some of the several special fields included in the game and its expansions.
From front to back, Asteroid Fields, Jump Gates or Gravitic Fields are some of the several special fields included in the game and its expansions.


As a commander, you have 9 dice representing energy for your engines, weapons, and shields.

At the beginning of each turn, choose any 3 energy dice, roll them and apply each result on a sector where your ships are located.

All the dice have the same faces, 5 of them indicating directions where you can move, attack, or defend.

Finally, all the dice show one special symbol on their last face. You can use 2 of them to trigger special weapons, or 1 of them for reaction manoeuvres (dodge, drain or counterstrike).

At the end of your turn, you can save up to 4 results on your command board (2 standard and 2 special), delaying your action for better effect later in the battle.Your command board is really an essential part of the gameplay, giving you even more control on you fleet!


Use your blue dice to move your ships. With one die, you may move all or part of your ships from one single square to another single square. You can use several dice to move more than one square.

Phoebe player uses his diagonal die to move his 5 frigates.
Phoebe player uses his diagonal die to move his 5 frigates.


Red dice are used to attack. During an attack, add the fire powers of the attacking warships, and if no shield are used, deduce them from the hull points of one ship on the targeted sector. A ship with no hull point left is destroyed. 

Use your movements to deploy effectively, because attacks are supported by allwarships surrounding the targeted sector, triggering dreadful damages. You can also use several red dice to launch ranged attacks.

Phoebe player uses his orthogonal die to attack Amycles battlecruiser. As other ships are adjacent to the target, they support the attack, dealing a total of 12 damages (4+5+3)
Phoebe player uses his orthogonal die to attack Amycles battlecruiser. As other ships are adjacent to the target, they support the attack, dealing a total of 12 damages (4+5+3)


Finally, the green dice are for shields, and must be kept on your command bridge to be used in your opponent’s turn, in order to block their attacks. In the same way as for the moves and attacks, your green dice indicate in which direction it could be used. Each shield die is able to completely block the attack from one square, even if the selected square is only suppporting the attack.

Amycles player stored 2 shield dice, allowing it to block attack from 2 squares. As a result, his battlecruiser only suffered 3 damages from the phoebe cruiser.
Amycles player stored 2 shield dice, allowing it to block attack from 2 squares. As a result, his battlecruiser only suffered 3 damages from the phoebe cruiser.


In pitched battle mode, you have to destroy 8 classes of ships of your opponent’s fleet.

In scenario mode, you will have many different objectives to claim the victory, such as escorting a ship from a sector to another, or destroying a specific ship.

Campaign mode put scenarios together to tell you complete stories of the Fleet Commander universe, and will propose specific victory conditions.

Gameplay video

You can Watch this video from ZBG to discover the core gameplay of Fleet Commander!


Note that the whole Fleet Commander collection is fully language independant, rulebooks in english and french are included in each box.

You can download the Ignition and Beyond the Gate rulebooks until the Genesis rulebook writing process is done.

Livrets de règles

Notez que toute la collection Fleet Commander est entièrement indépendante de la langue, chaque boîte contient son livret de règles en anglais et en français.

Vous pouvez télécharger les livrets de Ignition et Beyond the gate en attendant la fin de la rédaction de Genesis.

Please be aware that these are not the Genesis Rulebook. So, if you see anything in here that isn’t the same in the final Genesis rulebook, understand that during the Kickstarter the project is still in development and all aspects are subject to improvements.

This exclusive booklet in the Admiral pledge will contain 2 epic campaigns from the beginning of the campaign (check the Stretch Goals for more):

  • The first campaign will allow you to relive the events that triggered the huge conflictbetween 2 emergents superpowers: The Hegemony of Amycles and the League of Phoebe.
  • In the second campaign, the Amycles player will lead the rebellion while the Phoebe player will try to annex a peaceful world.

To purchase an optional buy simply click on the manage my pledge button in the top right hand corner of the Kickstarter page. On the next page there will be a bar with your pledge total. Add the amount of the optional buy(s) to that sum and hit confirm near the bottom of the page.

Add the new weapons provided to each faction by the Forge of Fendrix. Click here for more details.

Salvation is an expansion that introduces technical support ships, new terrains, scenarios and a campaign builder. Click here for more details.

Avatar is an expansion that will allow players to add to their fleet heavy battleships and commanders giving bonuses during the battle. It also contains new terrains and special weapons.

These additional reversible tiles will allow you to enlarge your battle area. Click here for more details.

This “Veteran upgrade” is mainly offered to those who already have “Fleet Commander 1 – Ignition”. It provides them upgraded content for 2 players, the 2 new expansions Avatar and Salvation and all their matching Stretch Goals. Click here for more details.

We have planned many exciting stretch goals to discover once the project will be funded! Pass it on and you gonna have amazing stuffs in your Kickstarter!

“A great game. Clever and short.”
Fatmax66, BoardGameGeek

“What a nice surprise! An accessible space battle strategy game, funny and engaging that I can share as much with my 13-year-old son as between adults!”
Raziel de Montfaucon,TricTrac

“Highly tactical, highly recommended!”
Deebob, BoardGameGeek

“Giant spaceships firing at each other? 30 minutes max and surprisingly much tactics… count me in!”
GreenHawk, BoardGameGeek

“Fast, fluid, immersive and deep, this game possesses qualities rarely found together in the same box.”
Choucane, TricTrac

Find all these comments and much more on BoardGameGeek and TricTrac.

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 Each box comes with highly detailed and prepainted miniatures.

Here are some great paint jobs among the many other ones that you can find onBoardGameGeek:

Thanks to Fred, Fatmax66, Fbruntz and GeeNo for these great paint jobs!
Thanks to Fred, Fatmax66, Fbruntz and GeeNo for these great paint jobs!

We like to support game stores around the world with a special offer for game retailers during the campaign.

If you’re a retailer, please contact Didier at didier@capsicumgames.com during the campaign for pricing information.

We will be charging shipping after the campaign ends, and everything will be managed through our Pledge Manager.

Here is a list of rough estimates for shipping. They may vary from single expansions like Avatar or Salvation (less than 1 kg) to the Admiral bundle with Genesis, Avatar and Salvation (about 3-4 kgs). Please acknowledge that these are just estimates and that we’ll do our best to get you the best shipping deal possible.

Area 1 – Mainland USA, Western Europe (France, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Greece, Ireland): between 10 and 20 euros.

Area 2 – Other European countries, Canada, China, Maghreb, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan / HK, Vietnam, India, Russia, Israel: between 20 and 36 euros.   

Area 3 – Rest of the world: between 25 and 50 euros.

We cannot ship to PO Boxes. Due to the size of each package there is too great a risk of the package being bounced back to us.

Be aware that all pledges that are confirmed after the pledge manager deadline will be shipped from the EU hub at a later date. For non-EU backers that will likely incur increased shipping costs.

It took us 2 years of development and a significant part of our saving to bring Fleet Commander on the market. The first box called “Ignition” provided enough material to play 1 versus 1 for a reasonable price for retail. But it was far from all what we had imagined for this game. We launched the first expansion “Beyond the gate” to show all this potential and Fleet Commander range received very good critics from gamers and professionals.

However, with the traditional way, for a small company like Capsicum Games, it would take years to release all our ideas. A “big box” for up to 4 players with tones of miniatures is also very exciting, but not feasible because it would be too cost intensive unlike other projects we carry out normally.

Kickstarter appears to be the best way to reach both goals. We will be able to offer to you a dream box containing lot of material with your support and all the stretch goals that we hope to unlock during the campaign. Finally, for those who already own Ignition, the Kickstarter is also the opportunity to get 2 new expansions in very short time.

Contact Information:

Capsicum Games

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