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Jan 26, 2016 12:51 PM ET

Archived: The Pinnacle Million: small team of male and female Pinnacle athletes (coaches, members and ext) who will attempt to ‘Deadlift’ 1,000,000kg in 24 hours

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 26, 2016

Pinnacle Performance have launched an initiative that has created a small team of male and female Pinnacle athletes (coaches, members and ext) who will attempt to ‘Deadlift’ 1,000,000kg in 24 hours on the 19th March 2016, all in aid of the Pinnacle Foundation.

The Pinnacle Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation supporting youth activity and involvement for underprivileged children in Hong Kong. Please read more about there right here. It is a cause that we feel incredibly strong about; so much so we are going to show just how much strength we can muster. The ‘Deadlift a Million’ challenge will end an intensive 4 month training block for the competing athletes in the pursuit of such a momental task on the day. The risk of ‘burn out’ and fatigue on the day, and thus a chance of missing the target, means that the team has to prepare effectively, intensely and thoroughly through this phase in order to increase their individual tolerance to loading and volume leading into the event. Within the various phases of a highly structured training regime, the team are being put through excruciating testing and programming, which began with a Capacity & Hypertrophy phase, thenHypertrophy & Strength, followed by a purely Strength period, and ending with 4 weeks of Maximum Strength programmes in the final phase leading up to the big day. All phases include 2 squad sessions within Pinnacle each week, and 2 other sessions completed within the athlete’s own time.

On the day the team will rotate around 2 loaded bars and complete sets of 10 reps per lift, through the night, for 24 hours to hit their total. To achieve the required 42,000kg per hour each lifter will be responsible for between 500 – 750 reps through the day on one of the two bars, not your usual 3 x 8 most people hit in the gym on the weekend! We will also be announcing key corporate partners and other sponsorship opportunities for you to show your support of the event.

Contact Information:

Pinnacle Foundation Ltd.

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