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Jan 25, 2016 7:14 AM ET

Archived: Trade / Swap platform: allow traders to browse and submit “trade offers” for items of interest

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 25, 2016

Got that motor bike sitting out the back not getting used? How about that jetski that hardly moves anymore? or do you know what you want but just cant quiet afford it? how about trading your existing items to get what you really want or something you can actually use?

Hi all,

as you may already be aware Swapping or trading of items has become more and more popular around the world, particularly in Australia. Trading your items is a great way to get what you need or want without spending your hard earned money.

Trading is also a great way to recycle those items that don’t get the use they should anymore. Perhaps the kids have out grown them or the novelty has worn off? Trading can provide the answer for you at no out of pocket cost.

With trading becoming more popular we are yet to see a strong platform to help connect potential traders to each other. My pledge is to fund a trading platform to connect traders with each other and help people recycle those items that dont get used anymore and make it easier to fund that item you really need or want via trade and part trade.

The platform i propose would enable traders to submit an item for trade and select a valuation estimate for that item, It would then show suggestions from other traders based on their value estimates. you would also be able to browse items by gategory, location and price across Australia.

The trading platform would allow traders to browse and submit “trade offers” for other items of interest and would also have an option for part trade. This way traders could also include a money value as part of their trade proposal.

Once two traders agree on terms and would like to proceed they would click a “commit to trade” button once this is pressed the traders listings would no longer be available for others to view.

If a money value was part of the trade the payment would be made via the platform and released to the other party once the new owner is satisfied and the trade has reached its final stages (milestone payment).

If the trade falls through the money is returned to its owner. This would ensure secure payments are made and the ammount not changed along the trade process.

Traders would also have a star ranking system to help build trust among traders and to become aware of potential difficulties of others.

The platform would connect traders and communicate to each other via a specially designed message center to arrange details of the trade etc.

The platform would in most cases be free to list an item for trade, and may include low cost options for additional features such as highlighted listings, bold headings, home page gallery etc.

I hope together we can make this concept a reality and it becomes something we can all use and love. I think this has the potential for thousands, even millions of people to enjoy.

When you have an item lying around not getting used i want our trade platform to be the first place to turn to, or if you really want an item but dont have the cash try trading for it on our platform.

Potential names for the platform are Tradeit, Swapit, Swapem, Swapsies, Tradeem etc (open for suggestion) We are at early stages with this concept and to create something of this complexity does not come cheap. The money raised will initially be used for web site development and website design then marketing and site optimization.

Thank you for reading this, please donate and share this story to help it become a reality :)

Every donation of $100 or more will have their name featured on our developed website as a valuable contributor that made it all possible.

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