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Jan 24, 2016 6:39 PM ET

Archived: Green Energy Bricks: A revolutionary building block that is changing the way we build and live

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 24, 2016


The revolutionary Green Energy Brick has been developed to be the best product in construction for extreme weather conditions requiring minimal heating or cooling.

Building your home with The Green Energy Brick will reduce your energy costs by 75% which is great on the wallet and great for the environment!  It can provide energy efficient buildings for people living and working in extreme climates, such as comfortable and green classroom environments for children to learn in. It’s also fire resistant, load bearing, modular and easy to install.

A brick that is transforming the way we think about building!

Besides their massive insulation rating and energy efficiency, The Green Energy Brick include a cut down on construction time and labour costs, enabling a single wall system replacing all stud work, insulation and Sizelation. Just one Green Energy Brick replaces 18 clay bricks. Great for builders and perfect for the home builder!

Simply put, the Green Energy Bricks are a revolutionary product that goes far beyond the energy saving performance values of any other brick or wall lining on the market today.




Who is Green Energy Bricks?

We are Sydney-based family run business that first began with grandfather Giovanni Pacialeo’s vision to create a viable business building safer homes in fire zones, while being both energy efficient. The Green Energy Brick team are currently working at capacity supplying bricks to build homes located in fire zones in country Victoria and NSW and need to expand their production.



Extreme Testing

We have tested the Energy Brick to the extremes to ensure that it can meet and surpass all the challenges and standards that it would ever need to face. Our bricks are efficient to the highest standard creating homes of 6+ star ratings and have been designed with a massive R8+ insulation rating.

During both the Summer and Winter seasons, the Energy Brick, which forms the main envelope around the building, was outstanding in being able to maintain a near constant temperature inside the house without using any type of air conditioning, whatsoever!!


Our fire resistance testing indicated that even under the extremes of 3000°C the magnesium oxide board did not ignite or catch fire. The PIR foam core was self extinguishing.  You can be confident that you will have some of the best fire protection when the Energy Brick is used as part of the construction process.

See our Test Results Page on our website to find our Test House Temperature Test, our Combustibility tests, screw fixing test and Compressive Strength test and comparison test results.


You can’t go past using the Energy Brick to greatly improve energy ratings, fire retardant qualities, cost savings and speed of construction, to name a few.


Share and support our campaign to help the Green Energy Brick team and help save the environment one brick at a time!

Contact Information:

Giovanni Pacialeo

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