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Jan 24, 2016 1:08 PM ET

Archived: Good Good Comedy Theatre (Philadelphia, PA) : The creators of Five Dollar Comedy Week are building a permanent home for affordable live comedy shows and classes

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 24, 2016

Good Good Comedy is made up of dozens of incredibly talented show producers, hundreds of Philadelphia’s best comedians, and countless packed crowds that love boundary-pushing, eclectic, unexpected live comedy shows. As Good Good Comedy, we put up these shows every damn week in intimate theater spaces across the city.

After hundreds of Good Good shows and three Five Dollar Comedy festivals, the time has inevitably arrived for us to open our own dedicated space. 2016, meet Good Good Comedy Theatre.

“There are tons of local comedy scenes of all sizes out there, and now it’s time for good old PA to have its time in the spotlight.” Splitsider on Five Dollar Comedy Week

In the summer of 2014, Aaron Nevins and Kate Banford put on the first-ever Five Dollar Comedy Week. Frustrated by the lack of opportunities to produce out-of-the-ordinary, hybrid shows that don’t just follow the typical comedy formats of improv, sketch or stand-up, they concocted a weeklong festival of over 30 brand new shows and workshops from a diverse lineup of Philly comedians.

The results were so well-received and liberating that the second Five Dollar Comedy Week happened a mere six months later, kickstarting a bi-annual tradition with an all-new set of 30 original high-concept shows, completely different from the first festival.

In late 2015, Five Dollar Comedy Week had yielded over 100 distinct, sometimes batshit crazy new shows and thus, Good Good Comedy was born – to keep the spirit of Five Dollar Comedy Week alive every week of the year. The impact was immediate, resulting in a string of sold-out shows and an ever-expanding roster of new performances, not to mention a rapidly growing audience for this specific brand of odd, interactive and sometimes even weirdly poignant live comedy.

Now we can hardly even find the schedule space to accommodate our dozens of recurring shows, bizarre one-off performances and unusual workshops. We’ve got no choice but to finally put all of Good Good Comedy under one roof.

We’re happy to announce that Good Good Comedy has officially signed the lease for a permanent home in Center City Philadelphia and we are planning to begin construction next month.

That means you’ll now be able to count on something awesome to do in Philly every night of the week. It also means comedians will have ample opportunities to flesh out their wildest ideas, collaborate, and create all kinds of new comedy for you, the almighty audience. And most importantly, we’ll be able to keep our shows cheap as F – the majority of ‘em will remain at $5 a ticket.

It also means Good Good Comedy will be able to offer full classes for the first time ever. Exciting! Our classes will focus on a wide spectrum of comedic fields of interest, many of which have never been offered in Philadelphia before, and all of which will be available at fair, affordable prices just like our shows.

Creating a new theater is a huge undertaking and one that we don’t take lightly. We’ve already been hard at work at making this dream a reality for the past year. This Kickstarter will not be our sole source of funding for Good Good Comedy Theatre, but the money we make here will go a long, long way toward some of our most significant expenses.

Here’s some of what your contribution will go toward (estimates only):

  • $3,000 – Risers, Seating, Curtains and Furnishings
  • $2,000 – Pipe Grid Installation, Lighting and Sound Equipment
  • $1,000 – Brand New Comprehensive Website Design
  • $4,000 – Permits, Insurance and Legal
  • $1,250 – Hardware, Paint, Design and Other Final Touches
  • $750 – Miscellaneous Equipment, Cables and Wiring

GOAL – $12,000

We’re offering a literal shit-ton (2,060 lbs) of rewards over there on the right. You really oughta scroll through ‘em. But if you’re the kind of person that watches movie trailers for entertainment or something, we can give you a juicy little preview right here. We’re giving away things like free tickets, an exclusive t-shirt, a limited edition art print from renowned artist / funny person Andrew Jeffrey Wright and more. You can get your name carved onto a plaque that will be displayed in our theatre FOREVER, and you can even write whatever the stank you want on one of our theatre chairs!

Plus, this Kickstarter will be the ONLY place you can get a discounted full week pass for the next Five Dollar Comedy Week, which is huge. And if that wasn’t huge enough, we’re even offering an exclusive FULL MONTH PASS to a month of your choosing at the new space. That means you can see everything all month for FREE just for donating here. Don’t miss these hot, hot chances.

Please share our Kickstarter – the more people that know about it the more awesome Good Good Comedy Theatre can be! As always, hit up the Good Good Comedy website, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also write to us with your keyboard at hello[at]goodgoodcomedy.com.

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Good Good Comedy

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