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Jan 22, 2016 1:32 PM ET

Q Centre Outback Data Centre: an internet data centre, renewable energy powered micro-grid and education-innovation hub

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 22, 2016

The story of the project

We’re raising $500,000 to plan and reach investment stage for the $350 million “Q Centre” project in Longreach in the vast north-western Outback of Queensland, Australia. “Q Centre” is an internet data centre, renewable energy powered micro-grid and education-innovation hub. Data centres provide electronic information storage services that enable internet users to upload, download, back up and access files and systems. The data centre sector in Australia is growing close to 20% a year and is routinely returning 200% on investment. One observer suggests market growth of 11% / year. One major provider suggests its own slice of this market is growing by 27% / year.

Better internet and storage services in Outback Australia mimic huge data centres being built in the Arizona desert in the United States by Google and Apple and should deliver investment, revenue, jobs and improved education to families in the region and stop the urban drift.

How the funds will be used

Most of the funds raised will go towards assembling and supporting a team of Australian experts in communications, engineering, science and education to plan the main event, the AUD$350 million “Q Centre” complex. More details can be found on our company website.

Some of my other work

Details about my track record are on our company website. Our company has been in business since 1987 and continues to grow new products and new markets.


First I will have to acquire and learn how to use the MakerBot for the job of fulfilling all the pledges. We’ll have to establish supply lines for the plastic, T-shirts and hats, and for packaging and for shipping. But I have long experience in learning and using the latest publishing software so I think this will work OK. The biggest challenge is in convincing power-brokers and decision makers in government and investment companies that a data centre in Longreach CAN happen and SHOULD happen. But our team members have succeeded in award-winning innovation projects before and we can do it again.
Contact Information:

John Cokley

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