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Jan 22, 2016 4:44 PM ET

Archived: Hurley House is a purveyor of hospitality, which is the art of preparing space for others

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 22, 2016
Personal Story

My name is Katherine. I am a wife of fifteen years, mother of four (three girls and a boy), and a former professional singer-songwriter. My husband raises money to build churches in South Sudan. My children range in age from 13 to 6. My favorite question to ask is “Can you stay for dinner?” When I was in the first grade, I set up my first business selling rocks. Yes, rocks.

I love taking simple things and making them special. I love intentionality, attention to detail, and anticipating the needs of others. I find beauty in order and peace in efficiency. My love language is gifts. My top five favorite foods are bread with butter and salt, avocados, eggs, coffee, and ice cream (served in a frozen mug with a splash of milk). Math and Science are my favorite subjects, and given the chance at a redo, I would take French instead of Spanish in high school and college.

I believe gratitude can transform what we have into enough, that the table can be a sacred space, and that everyone’s heart longs for home.

Business Description

Hurley House is a purveyor of hospitality, which is the art of preparing space for others. We offer baked goods, private event catering, and prepared meals. We also teach hospitality classes. While on the surface we may look like a catering company or a bakery, below the surface we are in the business of providing a place where others feel the comfort and familiarity of home at every turn.

We built this business out of a passion for hospitality in the context of our family. While living in a rented historic home on Hurley Avenue in Fort Worth, we threw our doors wide open and began to share our space with others who needed a place to land. Along the way our eyes were opened to the power of hospitality and the potential for change and healing that happens when we simply create a place for others to enter.

Paired with a love for delicious homemade food and a natural talent for organizing and planning beautiful, well-orchestrated events, our home took on a life of its own and was referred to as the “Hurley House.” We hosted weekly dinners for 50 college students, birthday parties, baby showers, and even a wedding for one of our own. We eventually moved from this home to a different part of town, but when we decided to form a business centered around our love for hospitality, there was only one name that would work.

Hurley House has operated for over two years out of our tiny home kitchen with one oven and limited counter space. We have learned to be efficient, to say the least. Once a week we have Store Hours where we set up our dining room like a bakery and the door is open to anyone who wants to stop in for a treat. We cater showers, weddings, dinner parties, and provide baked goods for all sorts of special occasions and holidays. Our brand has developed a local following, and we are currently operating at maximum capacity. Simply put, we are out of operational space. We are looking for funding to help us get into a commercial space with commercial equipment and some room for growth.

What is the purpose of this loan?

We plan to use this loan to purchase and install a new grease trap in our desired commercial location. This very expensive piece of equipment is necessary for our facility to pass the health code inspection.

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