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Jan 22, 2016 6:16 PM ET

Archived: 2000 Vinyasas: a unique project and movie that everyone can become a part of

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 22, 2016

2000 Vinyasas is the story of Vanessa, a grad student who is has experienced a sexual assault just before our film begins.  She stuggles to maintain normal life, but finds she is too distressed and traumatized to continue her graduate studies at Columbia University, or even to keep in touch with her family. 

Her mom, Meredith, who loves yoga so much that she has been making large donations to keep her studio open as the rents rise in union square, pushes Vanessa into a private yoga program.  Monti, the studio’s owner does his best to engage Vanessa but she is only slowly beginning to open up. 

One day, Vanessa runs out of the yoga studio because she has a flash back of her assault.  Just before she can run into the busy street, she is caught by David.  David is taken by Vanessa, but Monti tells Vanessa that she can’t be with David until she completes 2000 Vinyasas… 

Along this journey of discovery, Vanessa and her gang are faced with the notions of healing, of community, and of banding together against the corporations that are pushing the yoga studio out of its space.   There may not be a perfectly happy ending, but the journey is a magiacal one. 


Contact Information:

Justine Beirne

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