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Jan 21, 2016 8:28 AM ET

Archived: Deaf Man’s BBQ Sauce: Getting Saucy with Deaf Man

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 21, 2016

Deaf Man’s Barbecue Sauce Story 

Rasool worked for years to perfect his own variations of the family recipe, influenced by his own culinary sensibility and his desire to make every meal a special occasion. The result is a range of all-natural, distinctly different sauces that blend sweetness, mildness and hot spiciness. One could say that the sauces themselves are very much like the mixture of friends who may be gathered on a special occasion to enjoy them. Why did he choose the name Deaf Man’s along with the slogan, You’ll Never Hear of a Better BBQ Sauce?Rasoolhas a very straightforward sensibility. And, like we said, he has a wicked sense of humor.

If you like having friends over for BBQ, give Deaf Man’s BBQ Sauce a try. It’s perfect for the gourmet who is serious about grilling the perfectentrée. It’s also perfect for anyone who just wants to make their backyard BBQ or tailgater the perfect occasion. Bringing friends and family together for good times, good food and a few laughs is a great way to bridge the gap between us all and our differences as people. That’s the real moral of the Deaf Man’s BBQ Sauce story.

Bourban BBQ Sauce 

Our Bourbon BBQ sauce is smooth, smoky and aromatic with just a hint of Kentucky Bourbon for a full-bodied flavor.  

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California Mild Sauce 

California Mild is a gourmet BBQ sauce that blends premium honey and mustard for a pleasing, sweet & mild taste.

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Smoky Sweet BBQ Sauce 

Smoky Sweet BBQ Sauce is made with grade-A maple syrup and has a hickory smoke flavor for a savory, mild and sweet taste.

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XXX BBQ Sauce 

XXX is a gourmet BBQ Sauce that is the hottest of Deaf Man’s sauces. It has a smoky, savory, and very spicy flavor.

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Deaf Man's Barbecue Sauce

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