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Jan 20, 2016 7:30 PM ET

Archived: ForgetMeNot: to help parents from forgetting their babies in the car with tragic results

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 20, 2016

The ForgetBabyNot is a product I wish to develop to stop babies from being left in a car, an event which usually ends in a tragedy.

What I hope to achieve with the ForgetBabyNot is a product that warns parents that their child is still in the car by sounding an alarm on their mobile phone as soon as they leave the car. If this alarm is ignored, they will receive another alarm as soon as the temperature in the car raises to a dangerous level. This alarm will be sent to both parents’ mobile phones and will only deactivate  once the baby has been removed from the babyseat in the car.

Funds raised would be used to develop the custom circuit boards,software and mobile phone apps needed to make this project a success.

The most expensive part of this product is the app development Wich could be as high as $25000 if it is done correctly and has all the features it requires to function,There are a lot’s of free apps available but none of them are reliable 

The rest of the funds would be used for electronics programing and electronic case.

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