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Jan 18, 2016 3:00 PM ET – Helping Families find their Children’s next Role Model

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 18, 2016

Our mentors are stellar achievers in their fields—Honor Roll students, Division I athletes and world-class musicians—to ensure your child learns from the best and brightest. Trilogy is one of the first companies that has worked directly with the NCAA to find a legal way for Division 1 Athletes to teach their sport!

Trilogy’s mission starts with relationships and community, which is why we donate a portion of our profits to our nonprofit partners. Every time you work with us, you’re investing in your local community. With the introduction of our Trilogy Boot Camp, we’re launching Phase One of an ambitious rollout plan that will make our credentialed tutors available to communities across the country.


Trilogy’s network of mentors solves real problems faced by parents, by students, even by small businesses.

Meet Sandy, the 35-year-old mom of 8-year-old Jack and 14-year-old Heather.

Jack’s been struggling to make the transition to advanced math and English, and needs a little help. Heather wants to play Division I lacrosse, but her skills have plateaued, and she doesn’t know what to work on next.

Sandy could reach out to Trilogy to find an academic tutor for Jack and a lacrosse coach for Heather, both with impeccable credentials and a passion for helping aspiring students and athletes.

Jason was an All-American basketball player in high school, and a first-string violinist. College tuition being what it is, Jason needs some extra cash, but stacking books in the library for $8 an hour isn’t going to help much.

Jason could become a Trilogy mentor, making good money, helping his local community and inspiring a new generation.


Plus, we work with the NCAA—and use NCAA-approved methods—to help Division I athletes find work in their chosen sport.

Trilogy operates a lot like Uber: the site acts as a facilitator, connecting families that live near college campuses and tutors looking to use their expertise to make some extra cash.

With Trilogy, trust is the name of the game, so we don’t take any chances: all of our mentors have to pass a strict and detailed background check. We’re so confident in the mentors that pass muster that we offer a full money-back guarantee.

Trilogy specializes in making dreams come true. Division I hopefuls get matched up with current Division I athletes, or athletes that have been recruited to play at the DI level. Our athletes know what it takes to succeed at the next level, and love to impart their wisdom through one-on-one, private coaching.

And of course the same goes for our academic tutors and musicians. For Trilogy Mentor children, only the best will do.

Trilogy offers premium-level mentors at a low price point for small business owners, addressing one of the greatest challenges of small business ownership: talent and training. By allowing access to our exceptional mentors, business owners can increase the skill level of their employees, from administrative assistants to marketing specialists.

Because if we’re going to build cohesive local communities, small businesses have to be part of the equation.


Trilogy offers tutoring in a tremendously wide variety of categories:


Whatever your child loves, we’ve got a Mentor for it.  


Trilogy is based in Richmond, Virginia, but through an boot-camp scaling effort, we’re going to be building Trilogy communities across the country in no time.

Right now, we’re working with expansion partners at other schools to prepare them for rolling out a new market. Soon, we’ll host a Trilogy Boot Camp in Richmond where our partners will undergo an intensive seven-week training session. Equipped with their new knowledge and dedication, they’ll take the Trilogy experience back to their own schools and build out the Trilogy community of mentors and mentees.


John is an ambitious entrepreneur and a recent graduate of the University of Richmond. At UR, John majored in Entrepreneurial management and developed the concept for Trilogy with help from many experienced entrepreneurs. John has single-handedly taken Trilogy from ideation to market generating close to $8,000 in revenue within the first 3 months after the official launch.

Jack is a Senior at the University of Richmond and is in charge of the Enterprise Division for the Richmond Market. His previous experience in dealing with small business owners makes him thrive in his current role. 

Contact Information:

John Failla
Jack Fischer

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