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Jan 18, 2016 11:05 AM ET

Archived: Raleigh Raw Cafe: Not only a community gathering place but also Raleigh’s first healthy cafe and juice/smoothie bar.

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 18, 2016

// Voted the best juice in the Triangle area, Raleigh Raw is expanding the menu to include healthy grab and go food, local organic coffee, kombucha and smoothies …. As we announce our first Raleigh Raw Cafe and juice bar.    Our mission is to reshape “fast food” in the Triangle area.   Fresh food and drinks made daily in a place that brings the community together through health, music, and conversation.   #fuelthehustle

// What’s the Story?

Raleigh Raw was created around the concept of Real Food Fast. We live at a point in time where fast isn’t fast enough and our eating habits are reflecting this fast paced lifestyle.

Raleigh Raw Timeline:

Step 1: March 2013: An idea was born with an undying commitment to deliver the best tasting, best quality Juice in NC

Step 2: April 2013: Production begins in Sherif’s Kitchen, juice was sold in mason jars to neighbors and friends.

Step 3: June 2013: Leslie joins the team and gets to work creating the systems that will support the growing business. 

Step 4: August 2013: Introduced officially packaged, (no more mason jars) Raleigh Raw Juice to general public at Food Truck Rodeo in Downtown Raleigh. 

Step 5: September 2013: Raleigh Raw links up with Morning Times and Helios as our first official retailers.

Step 6: October 2013: FDA places Embargo on all Raleigh Raw Juice products being sold at coffee Shops. Simultaneously (literally same day) we received our biggest shipment to date of packaging materials… over 2000 bottles with no place to sell them.

Step 7: October 2013: Within 5 days of the FDA Embargo, Raleigh Raw had our first website with home delivery as an option. 

Step 8: September 2014: Commercial level juicer was purchased. 

Step 9: October 2014: Raleigh Raw Vending Machines were deployed to sell juice through cafes and studios while complying with FDA Regulations on raw juice.

Step 10: April 2015: Began search for Raleigh Raw Store Front 

Step 11: July 2015: Found perfect location and began the bidding process

Step 12: September 2015: Lease Signed!!

Step 13: November 2015: Permitting Begins

Step 14: December 2015: Construction Begins

Step 15: January 2016: Kickstarter Released

Step 16: February 2016: Raleigh Raw opens its doors at 7 W. Hargett st. 

// Why We Need Your Help

This is the culmination of 3 years of head-down, hard work. We are not only asking for your help financially, we are also asking for your energy, to push this project forward and to deliver the best to Raleigh because thats what this community deserves. 

We set a budget for the store and quickly realized how much we were going to exceed our budget from errors, delays, and changes in the construction process.

With a successful Kickstarter we’ll be able to not only open our doors, but to open our doors with a full product line, well trained staff, and a vibe that truly matches our vision.  

// Road to Today through Images

// GRATITUDE for the Team

We have learned so much over the past 3 years. Most importantly, we have learned that your team will make or break you. We’ve got an unending list of those who have helped us along the way and deserve massive thanks:

Contact Information:

Raleigh Raw

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