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Jan 18, 2016 12:07 PM ET

Electric Bleau: Unique problems present themselves in a supernatural way

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 18, 2016

As the gift of a rare blue moon, biracial twins are bestowed upon the Benoit family every generation. Each pair of sisters also inherits an unwanted, yet irresistible, harmonica cursed with the evil spirit of Josephine who is determined to find her long-lost babies from another time past.


Bonnie and Bleau, the most recent Benoit twosome, live as struggling punk rock musicians in 1980’s New Orleans. By day they work at Maria’s House of Voodoo, belonging to their biological grandmother Maria Benoit. By night they transform into the wild duo know as Electric Bleau, performing in dirty dive bars to ecstatic punk crowds. When possession of the hypnotic harmonica falls into Bleau’s hands, she must decide what’s most important in life – her family or her aspiring career. However, Josephine’s motives are very clear… to take Bleau’s unborn twins as her own.

In a gritty family fight for the ages, will the vicious cycle be doomed to eternally repeat itself?


Electric Bleau ultimately explores something that we are all too familiar with – achieving the dreams of our future while surmounting obstacles thrown at us from the past. In the case of Bleau Benoit, this deadly challenge comes in the form of a possessed harmonica. While these unique problems present themselves in a supernatural way, all Bleau really needs to do is get her priorities straight.


As a writer and director, it’s important for me to explore the deep rooted, and sometimes dark, psychological problems through the use of magical metaphors. How do we get rid of emotional baggage that has followed us through generations? How do we break free to find our true self? Bleau’s journey will change her to the core.

I love the thriller and horror genre because it allows us to go to those scary places buried deep within. As is evident in my short films Bubble and Little Cabbage, I also appreciate fantastical elements as story vehicles. I want to bring the viewer to a world that I created all on my own, full of the human experience that I’ve come to know first-hand. That’s all film really is… an intimate peek into someone else’s universe. You’ve officially been invited to be a part of Bleau’s story and universe.

-Jen West

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Jen West

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